Life on the Road | DIY Caravan Renovation | Flooring and Building a bunk bed

DIY Caravan Renovation Bunk Bed Construction
DIY Caravan Renovation | Building a bunkbed and new flooring.

Last week we showed you how we made huge progress on our DIY Caravan Renovation project by painting our caravan and putting wallpaper up. If you didn’t read that article yet,  →read it here ←

If you just tuning in following our DIY Caravan Renovation project, →start reading here←

This week we will show you how we did the fine tuning of the caravan. Putting a new floor in, making the construction of the bed and creating an extra sleeping space.

DIY Caravan Renovation | Flooring

First, it was time to start with our new floor. We wanted something light coloured and easy to clean. We had this ugly Linoleum flooring in our caravan and remember that disgusting carpet we ripped out?

The floor needed to be all nice and neat in the same material, so we went to Bunnings to have a look atwhat was on offer. After a look at several options, we decided to go with a Vinyl flooring. Easy to clean, not too expensive, sturdy and neat.

Bunnings has lots of options, and eventually, we choose the Noma Blond Vinyl flooring by Senso, which would go perfectly together with our white paint and grey couch.

Back at the caravan, we put it down over the length of the caravan, as it was one long piece. Then we had to cut it out to fit it in. We used some liquid nails in the corners, to get it better attached. Later we finished it off with some small skirting.

DIY Caravan Renovation | Building a double bunk bed

After the floor was done and dried for a while, it was time to build our bed ( which also created Sem’s room )

So basically it would be a bunk bed where we would sleep in the upper bunk and Sem would be sleeping under us. As Sem doesn’t have a double mattress, he would have extra space left, which would create his own room. This is something we really wanted for him.

On a side note: Another great thing of traveling around Australia in a caravan, is the fact that wherever we sleep at night, and how often we change our destinations, Sem always has the same comfortable room, with his familiar stuff and own bed every night. ◊

So with building the bed, Lion’s DIY creativity and skills came to life and he built the construction of our bed and Semmies room.

For the height of the bed construction, Lion decided to use the existing windowsill as the measurement for the bed’s height. This was perfect as we could sit under the bed to play with Sem, and we could also sit in our own bed, without hitting our head to the roof.

Also, In this way, the windowsill could support half of the weight. On the opposite side, Lion started working on the wall where the cabinet where. He needed to reinforce the strength of the wall in order to get a safe strength of the bed frame.

When this was done, Lion had to work on the last, and most fragile corner of the bed, which was the window side.

We have those huge windows there, which needed to be able to open and close. And also the curtains had to go back there. Plus, on top of that, we had also planned to put a portable caravan air conditioner in that corner of our bedroom, where the exhaust would have to go out of the big sliding window.

So building the last bit of support for our bed in this corner was a bit tricky. But Lion managed to work it out. Check out the pictures below how he did it ↓

E voila, We had a bed, and Sem had his own room, which is like a little hut. Which kid doesn’t love a hut?! 🙂

Read here how we decorated Sem’s Play/Bedroom, our top bunk and how we created a little study nook with a useless corner.

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