The Netherlands | Buytenplaets Suydersee | Staying in a Tree House or Sewer Pipe?

The Netherlands Buytenplaets Suydersee Staying in a treehouse, sewer pipe, greenhouse or gypsy shack
Our first night in a Tree House ever, in the Netherlands of all places ;)

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When we talk about unique accommodations, a Tree House and a Gypsy Shack are certainly on top of the list, but when we hear things like sleeping in a Sewage Pipe ( Yes you read that right, sleeping in a Sewage Pipe ) and a tiny green house tent ( No I haven’t finished a bottle of wine by myself while writing this ) you got our attention immediately.

Staying in unique accommodations at Buytenplaets Suydersee

We at are always on the look out for unique, stylish designed accommodations, and when we got invited by Buytenplaets Suydersee, which is located very close to the Dutch city of Lelystad, we got our backs already packed!

Staying in a Tree House at Buytenplaets Suydersee

We got offered 2 nights at Buytenplaets Suydersee and could choose which accommodation we preferred. As I always wanted to sleep in a Tree House, and we also love a bit of luxury now and then, we choose to sleep in the Tree House Suite, which is basically camping ( or better said Glamping ) with a touch of hotel room luxury. A bit funny though, that our first Tree House experience is in our home country of The Netherlands of all places! I reckon most people associate Tree Houses with the Jungle.

The Tree House Suite is designed like a hotel room, complete with Nespresso machine. Sorry Ladies, I don’t think George Clooney will ever stay in a Tree house in the Netherlands 😉

The Tree House Suite is around 8m2 and has a same size balcony terrace with a cute sitting area, where you can enjoy your glass of wine or your cuppa and listen to the many birds around.

Inside you have got a double bed, a Nespresso coffee machine, luxury teas, bathrobes, magazines, a Dyson heater and even things like a wine bottle opener, torch, binoculars, candles for outside ( Duh! you stay in a tree house remember 😉 and snacks.

The treehouse doesn’t have much of a view as you are in-between the trees, but it feels really cosy. The lightning is perfect at night-time and there is even a fire pit in front of your tree house on the large grassy area, where you have another seating area as well.

You can have a bbq, the kids they can run around freely ( if you travel with kids ) and you just have a lot of privacy. Another thing we really liked is that the Tree House isn’t that high ( around 3 – 4 meter )and it is accessible via solid stairs. The construction of the Tree House is great as it is really sort of hanging in the tree and the Tree House and the Tree are naturally melted together.

If you have a larger family, or going with friends, they also have a family tree house. The family tree house is less luxury and cosy, but has a little bit more space as the interior is designed different. It is also less stylish, so if you go for a romantic getaway in a Tree House, definitely go for the Tree House Suite.

Staying in a Gypsy Shack at Buytenplaets Suydersee

Instead of staying 2 nights ourselves, we decided to take our German friend Ireen with us, who stayed in a lovely cute Gyspy Shack.

There are 2 Gypsy Shacks, and the one Ireen stayed in, was really cute designed with flower pillows, colourful design, a tiny kitchen and a cosy bed at the back of the Gypsy Shack.

The Gypsy Shacks are located in the sun all day, so on a hot summer day, it can be very smoking hot as there is no shade or aircon. Dutch Summers are in general not that good or hot, so you might be okay here 😉

Staying at the ‘Polder Daken’ at Buytenplaets Suydersee

The Gypsy Shacks are categorised under the name ‘Polder Daken’ which means in Dutch ‘Polder’ ( which is the area in the Netherlands where Buytenplaets Suydersee in Lelystad is located ) and Daken means roofs. So all the accommodations with a roof are called the Polder Daken. You can stay in the Gypsy Shacks, but they also have some other really cute huts and garden houses.

Staying in a Sewer Pipe at Buytenplaets Suydersee

Yes, it is as unique as it sounds. Sleeping in a Sewer Pipe. Who on earth thinks of a concept like this you would think. We think it is brilliant. And it is unique in the Netherlands, and maybe even in the world, as we never heard of it before.

Before you think sleeping in a Sewer Pipe sounds disgusting or gross, please think again. The Sewer pipes are all new ( Of course they are! ) and they are located in between fruit trees with lots of space around them. It is basically the Sewer Pipe with a tent cloth around it and inside it is just a bed. The bed is made of pallet wood and is 2m x 1.80m and you can transform it into a seating area, so you can sit inside and cosy up when it rains.

You have to bring your own bedding and beanbag and it is just a unique way of camping. At night you can prepare your dinner on the sewage barbecue!

Staying in a Tiny Mini Greenhouse at Buytenplaets Suydersee

Another unique accommodation at Buytenplaets Suydersee. Staying in a Greenhouse. This super tiny and cute Greenhouse is like a tent with 2 separate stretchers. A brilliant accommodation if you like a bit of gardening. They are located next to the Sewer Pipes, so it would also make a great family weekend away where you can divide your family over the Greenhouse or the Sewer pipes.

Staying in a Tree Tent at Buytenplaets Suydersee

If staying in a Tree House is to posh for you and you are after some real camping action, you can stay in a Tree Tent. Located in a tree, 1.5 meter of the ground you can stay here with 2 adults or 1 adult and 2 kids. You have to bring your own camping gear.

Camping at Buytenplaets Suydersee

If you have your own caravan or tent, you can also camp at Buytenplaets Suydersee. You can pick your spot yourself and they are very spacious.

Buytenplaets Suydersee also have another really great concept, similar to Wild Camping. Wild Camping is not allowed in the Netherlands, but at Buytenplaets Suydersee you can go bush camping in the forest next door which is part of Buytenplaets Suydersee.

There are basic facilities and materials, which you can use to build your own bush hut for the night. You can use the facilities of Buytenplaets Suydersee if you want ( or need ) and can make a fire at the special allocated areas.

More about Buytenplaets Suydersee

Buytenplaets Suydersee is the Dutch name for recreational area ( Buytenplaets ) and Suydersee is the name for a large inner bay of the North West part of the Netherlands ( Literary Translated it means Southern Sea)

Space and Peacefulness are key words for Buutenplaets Suydersee and you will be surprised by the fact that you are surrounded by nature, but also very close to the city of Lelystad. When you are staying here you have no idea you are in the Netherlands at all. We really liked the relaxed vibe and the quietness at Buytenplaets Suydersee, and if you want some entertainment, there are many options around the area and in the city of Lelystad, which is really close by.

Buitenplaets Suydersee offers free WIFI for all guest, breakfast service ( not free ), free admission to  nearby aquatic centre The Koploper, bbq and fire pits with free wood, and they sell ice-creams as well.

All the accommodations are located in their own area, so you ve got lots of space and privacy. Showers and toilets are centrally located and are very clean and new.

Why Kids will love Buytenplaets Suydersee

One of the things we, and especially Sem really liked was the kids playground with trampolines, slide, swing, kids wooden tables and chairs, and best of all, the mini animal farm.

There were chickens, rabbits ( with babies! ) goats, sheep and Acapulco’s, which you could feed, cuddle or just look at.

If you are looking for something different to do for the kids, you can go to the nearby aquatic centre, indoor play centre Ballorig, or bowling and biljard centre around the corner.

Do you want to stay in one of the unique accommodations at Buytenplaets Suydersee? Book now at their website

Which unique accommodation would you pick at Buytenplaets Suydersee and why? Leave your favourite in the comments ↓

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♠ Thanks to Buytenplaets Suydersee for providing us with 2 complimentary nights ♠ Article is as always, based on our own personal experience ♠
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  • Hi Swati,
    Yes the fire place defiantly added to the complete treehouse experience! So cosy 🙂
    Haha and yes, the sewer pipe is the most interesting kind of accomodation I have seen. Definitely a unique place to stay in the Netherlands.

  • Wow!!! These are really interesting places to stay at Buytenplaets Suydersee. Really like the tree house. Especially the camp fire piece. Would be a perfect place to spend a night. Interesting choice for a stay in a sewer pipe. 🙂

  • Jo this is such a cool place, so many unique accommodations to choose from! I’m the same and would’ve chosen the treehouse suite too, just a little bit posh! Love the interior, it looks so cosy. Great read, thank you! Xx

  • This was such a good read. very nice review of the Buytenplaets Suydersee. We love treehouses. brings back so many memories.

  • I totally agree with you Rachelle!
    It’s about the overall experience and the feeling of it!
    We loved the treehouse the most as well 🙂 A childhood dream ticked of the bucket list 😉

  • Hey Sanne!
    Where are you living at the moment?
    Same here! We live in Australia for years now, and we still discover new thing about our tiny home country 🙂 We ve been here when we are on our ‘holidays’ in the Netherlands last May/June.
    Happy travels!

  • Once again we are at the same line there Mal!
    Loved the tree house the most as well! Same reasons, the cosy interior, a bit of luxury and the outside terrace is amazing. So relaxing when the many birds sing their songs, having a cuppa and a wine in the evening with a campfire in the fire pit in front of the treehouse.. Short version: Heaven!
    Haha I bet you would be a pro animal cuddler 🙂
    Enjoy your day!
    X Jo

  • This place looks quirky and so much fun. I love that you mentioned that the tree house is neither super high nor accessed via a ladder or rickety stair case — I’ve seen a few I’d love to stay in but those aspects turn me off. I like the Gypsy caravans and shacks too but I think for me the sewer pipe and mini greenhouse are too much like a basic tent and I’m not into camping! Great review of this Buytenplaets Suydersee!

  • While all of these accommodations look fun and inviting, I think I’d be most inclined to stay in the treehouse at buytenplaets suydersee. I love the idea of being able to fulfill a childhood fantasy of staying up in the trees. It’s okay that there isn’t the most sweeping of views from the treehouse, because part of the thrill is feeling tucked away up amongst the branches!

  • I love reading about my home country, and especially things I have never heard about! Buytenplaets Suydersee is definitely a unique spot and I might have to check it out when I am back in the Netherlands! 🙂

  • Oh wow, that’s quite a selection indeed! And they aren’t actually as extreme as some of them sounds! I’m sure all of them would offer so much fun and a definitely unique experience but the tree house totally won my hear! I love those cosy interiors and the outside terrace looks oh-so cute!!! Plus everyone loves getting a bit spoiled at times, right? 🙂 Oh, and I could totally picture myself as an amateur animal cuddler out there! Xxx

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