The Kuranda Scenic Railway

Kuranda Scenic Railway
Kuranda Scenic Railway

Is a must-do when you are in Cairns and the best way to check out Kuranda, The hippie village in the rainforest.

Getting onboard of the Kuranda Scenic Railway Train

You can choose to get on the train at Freshwater train station or Cairns Central ( which we did ) So we parked our car basically in front of the station entrance ( free parking on Sunday`s ) and after a very happy and warm welcome from the lady at the ticket desk it was time to get on board of this amazing historical train. But first things first, taking some pictures of the train and we were even allowed to have a look into the cockpit.

Historical charm and a beautiful interior

In this time of the year ( December ) it wasn`t really busy on the train, so this was great as we had a complete wagon for ourselves during our first lap from Cairns Central to Freshwater. A great opportunity to make some photo`s of the beautiful refurbished train with carriages dating back to the early 1900s. It was really like going back into the old days, not that we were alive back then, but you know, it reminded us of those old fashioned movies where you had this great wooden trains, with red benches and little classic touches.

The Journey on the Kuranda Scenic Railway

When we arrived at Freshwater station, the majority of the passengers joined us and filled up the wagons, but still we had a whole bench with our family, which was great so we could easily move around and make pictures on both sides ( which is possible anyway if you are going on a return trip )

50 Shades of Green

Along the way there is an audiorecord playing with a lot of information about the train and its history, which is great and really informative. Before reaching each highlight during the trip, they announce that you’ll see it at your right or left side, so you could prepare for your photo moment. Along the way there are plenty of photo opportunities of the scenery, which is amazing. So many shades of green, a few waterfalls, view points and beautiful nature.

Barron Falls

The train stopped at Barron Falls for 10 minutes so we could take photos and enjoy the view. Unfortunately we didn’t have much rain yet, so the waterfall wasn’t really flowing on his best, but we still had a lovely view of this 265 m high waterfall.

Photographers and Train Lovers

Good thing is that the track is really steep and there are lots of bends, so the train goes very slow ( 37 km from Cairns to Kuranda takes around 1.5 hour ) which gives you time to enjoy the view, sit back and relax and take some great pics. If you are a keen photographer or train lover, the train also makes a 180 degree bend at Horseshoe Bend, where you are able to photograph the whole train. There are also a few more opportunity`s to get great pictures of the carriages at the smaller bends.

Thank you for taking the Kuranda Scenic Railway and we hope to see you again

The whole journey was really pleasant for all of us ( toddler, 2 adults and grandpa and grandma 🙂 ) The staff on the train were very friendly and passionate about their work, smiling all the time and the lovely lady even offered to take a photo from us and all the other people in the carriage with our own camera`s, so no commercial stuff involved. It was just that touch of hospitality how it should be. It was all very informative and there were lots of different things to see along the way in and outside of the train.

Kuranda Train Station

When you arrive at Kuranda Train Station you instantly get this holiday feeling. The Kuranda Station is Heritage listed and constructed in 1915. It looks all really cosy and romantic and is surrounded by tropical gardens and rain forest. No wonder Kuranda Station was once nicknamed ` Honeymoon Station `

Did you know

That you can travel in style as well on the Kuranda Scenic Railway? We travelled in the `normal ` class, which is absolutely amazing, but you can also travel Gold Class, which is a bit more luxurious. You can find all the info and prices about this also at

And did you know, that you can take your pram or wheelchair as well? If possible you can put these under your chair/bench, otherwise they will go into another carriage and you can pick them up when you arrive at the station. For wheelchairs they have a special elevator which can take you on and off the train.

Kuranda, Village in the Rainforest

Kuranda has lots to offer, and before you know its time to head back to the station for your return journey via the Kuranda Scenic Railway, where you for sure will discover more beautiful things you didn`t see on your way up

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For more information on the Kuranda Scenic Railway visit their website

You can also find them on Facebook

Photography as always © by Woody World Packer
We collaborated on this trip with and Queensland Rail, but all our opinions and photos are based on our own experience.
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