9 Things you need to know before travelling to the Maldives

Cheap excursions Maldives: Holiday Inn Kandooma Resort at the Maldives
Cheap excursions Maldives: Holiday Inn Kandooma Resort at the Maldives

Before you make your travel plans to the Maldives it is good to know your destination a little bit more. Here you will find some general information plus tips and tricks about the Maldives we discovered during our trip.

1.The airport of the Maldives is just a tiny island which is man-made and only exist out of a runway and a terminal. There are seaplanes and boats to bring you to the other Maldives Islands ( Atolls )  Google ‘Male Airport ‘ and you will find lots of sky photos from Male Airport. It is a real joy to fly in at Male Airport, so make sure you get yourself a window seat on the plane when you fly to the Maldives.

2. The Maldives where badly hit by the Tsunami at the 26th of December 2014 and the Tourism Industry went down big time because people where afraid for another Tsunami. When we were on the Island of Maafushi, the locals where still talking about the Tsunami. Luckily the tourists came back, but with being the flattest country on earth (their tropical palm trees are their highest point) the ongoing climate change and rise of sea levels, the Maldives will eventually loose ground if global warming and environmental issues will continue like this.

3. In the 60` only the islands around Male where accessible for tourists, most of the other islands where only accessable when you got an invitation from one of the locals.

4. The unique underwater world beauty of the Maldives is knows by its high visibility (sometimes even at depths of around 50 meters) the wide range of exotic flora and fauna and the warm temperature of around 25 degrees. But even if you are not a that keen on diving, snorkelling is also amazing with its really clear water.

5. Be ( as on all destinations) respectful to the locals, they are very friendly and welcoming. Keep in mind that the Maldives are an Islamic country, so there are certain restrictions you must adhere to. For example, alcohol and pork are forbidden and  the only places we could drink alcohol was in a few hotels. Also on the tiny  beach on Male Island it`s not allowed to wear bikinis or bathing suits, only in the resorts and designated area`s.

6.  The best time to travel to the Maldives is in general between December – April for the best weather ( dry season ) but also for your best change of seeing whale sharks and manta rays. Note that this period will also be the busiest and more expensive period. If you are keen on surfing the best place and time to go is to the North Male Atoll between June and August with the biggest change of good waves.

7. If you don’t want to, or have the money to spent on a sea plane ( believe us they are very expensive, think about 300 AUD p.p one way. ) make sure you have got a window seat during your day flight to and from the Maldives. With take off and landing you will have stunning views over all the little atolls and with a bit of luck the you will see Male Airport sitting on his own little island.

8. Take the local ferries, they are so much cheaper, okay, and much slower, but keep in mind that a speedboat will have a price tag from about $120 USD p.p one way depending on which island you are located. We paid only $2 USD to go to Maafushi from Male which took us around 2 hours ( take a little blanket or a hoody where you can sit on, as the benches on the local ferry`s are quite hard.

9. It’s really possible to travel to the Maldives on a budget, read our article Travel the Maldives on a budget here

Don’t forget your Maldives Lonely Planet!

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