How to travel from Brunei to Kuching, Malaysian Borneo

Borneo Kuching waterfront
Borneo Kuching waterfront

When you travel from Brunei to Kuching, Malaysian Borneo ( or the other way around )  the fastest way is by plane, but the cheapest and more adventures way is by bus.

It takes about 4 hours from Brunei`s capital city Bander Seri Begawan to Miri, located in Northern Sarawak close to Brunei’s border. During this trip you will enjoy Brunei’s green nature and the massive houses you see along the way ( a huge difference with Borneo )

Green Travel Tips

Where to Stay in Miri

Miri is a great destination to do lots of nature and jungle related activities, which we unfortunately had to skip because of the dramatic weather.  We stayed here 1 night in the Coco House which is a great budget accommodation close to Miri`s city centre with shops, restaurants and nightlife close by. The rooms are clean and the accommodation has a nice homey feeling and is a good mix between a hostel and a hotel. And it was cheap, like really cheap. We paid around 15 AUD for the night for us both in a double room.  You will find more about the Coco House here.

Travelling from Miri to Kuching

As the weather was expected to be bad for the upcoming week or even weeks, we decided to head straight to Kuching, which is in the South of Sarawak, Borneo.  The fastest way would be again by plain but we had the absolute worst flight ever when flying from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabaluso we decided to stick with the bus, which was also a great way to see more of Sarawak along the way. So there we went, from 06.00 am to 21.30pm with a bag of food, books, and music on our way to Kuching.

Where to stay in Kuching

In Kuching we stayed for 2 nights at the Place to Stay hotel in the city centre. This hotel was very difficult to find by our taxi driver and in general it was not too bad, but definitely not the best hotel we stayed in. Rooms where dark and basic and for the price we paid compared with other accommodations in Malaysia we stayed in.

What to do in Kuching

Kuching is a cosy city with lots of little art galleries, shops that sell old coins, stunning handmade wooden furniture, design and second-hand stuff. Which we of course absolutely love, so we spend the days just wandering around, sitting on the edge of the river, having drinks and delicious food at one of the restaurants at the waterfront boulevard and relaxing. For us it felt like a little undeveloped Singapore in some parts.

Kuching, Borneo
Kuching, Borneo

Where to Eat in Kuching 

We also found this amazing little restaurant named Bla Bla Bla! Yes we are serious, that’s really the name of the restaurant! We where just wandering around and found this row of old houses and in one of them ( a pink one, which draw my attention of course 😉 ) we found this tiny but really well designed and stylish restaurant with amazing fine dining food, nice staff and great atmosphere. Unfortunately those pictures are captured on my old phone, so the quality is not to good, but better this than nothing 😉

Restaurant Bla Bla Bla in Kuching
Restaurant Bla Bla Bla in Kuching
Restaurant Bla Bla Bla in Kuching
Restaurant Bla Bla Bla in Kuching

Have you been to one of these places? Do you have any tips or recommendations? Leave your comments below.

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