*Review* Curtain Fig Motel in Yungaburra

Curtain Fig Motel Yungaburra
Curtain Fig Motel in Yungaburra makes you feel like home away from home

During our stay in the Atherton Tablelands we were delighted to get invited by Mark and Jane from the Curtain Fig Motel to stay for 2 nights in their homey cosy motel.

When we arrived we saw this beautiful house with a big garden at the edge of the Yungaburra Town. If you think of a motel, you probably have this American Motel Rooms visualised as in a concrete block with a few doors and small little rooms.
Well this is everything apart from that.

The Curtain Fig Motel is a Bed and Breakfast style accommodation with a very cosy and homey feeling and old-fashioned hospitality treatment.

The motel is really peaceful and quiet with a lovely garden where you can have a go at the barbecue, read a book, do some yoga, work in a great environment, or just relax and inhale the fresh outside air.

Unfortunately the weather didn’t invite us to jump in the refreshing salt water pool, but this is a great bonus during the hotter summer days.

If you are a local and you are looking for a place to celebrate your party, the Curtain Fig Motel also offers the great outside covered entertainment area for you to have a barbecue, a glass of wine, or just a cosy meet up with friends or family.

The rooms are large and fresh and even come with a proper coffee pod machine! This was one of the first items to catch our eyes in the room, as we love ( and also need 😉 ) our coffee fix in the morning, and like seriously, most motels offer you just the coffee sticks and a few bags of tea right? 😉

Oh and did we mention they also have a great spa suite? Ideal for a romantic getaway for two.

It`s separated from the other rooms and located in front of the swimming pool and has a private deck to sip on your pre ordered bubbles, have a spa bath after and then wrap yourself in a fluffy bathrobe on the comfy couch.

So all added up, we had our morning coffee fix + free WiFi and a space to do some work + a peaceful green surrounding + a lovely outside area for Sem to play + a relaxed and spacious room = the perfect accommodation recipe.
Talking about recipes, fresh cooked breakfast is available for a small charge and also dinner at certain days. If you would like to go out and discover the local cuisine, there is a wide range of restaurants in Yungaburra.

So one thing is for sure, the Curtain Fig Motel has lots to offer, and so has the Yungaburra region. Mark and Jane would be happy to help you plan the perfect itinerary and tell you all the ins and outs of the region and where to go with the Curtain Fig Motel as your main base.

Oh and don’t forget to cuddle with Oscar when he is in the mood 😉

Here is already a bit of information to help you plan your trip..

What to do in the Yungaburra Region


Yungaburra is surrounded by hilly countryside which has been influenced and shaped by many volcanic eruptions in the past. The landscape is simply stunning, with outstandingly beautiful natural attractions like crater lakes, waterfalls and World Heritage Rain Forest. This tranquil and picturesque village is situated 720 metres above sea level, which makes Yungaburra and the Atherton Tablelands in general cooler than the sometimes sticky and humid coastal area during Summer, and gives you a reason to drink hot chocolate with cream, crack up a fire and wear a massive hoodie in Winter.

Yungaburra is located right in the historic heart of the Atherton Tablelands with more than 18 heritage listed buildings, and offers a vibrant mix of restaurants, alfresco cafe`s and boutique shopping.

If you are a bit of a foodie, you are at the right place in Yungaburra. There are lots of nice restaurants and cafe`s ( actually quite a lot for such a small place ) and most of them use local or own grown products as the fertile soils of the Atherton Tablelands are heaven for growing delicious beef, dairy, cheese, coffee, tropical fruits and veggies.

The choices range from locally owned takeaways, charming little cafes , the historic pub and some fine dining restaurants ( including some award winners )

We love a bit of happiness combined with craziness, design and inspiration and bumped into some nice little businesses while enjoying a walk around town.

That Retro Café

A funky hippy café with amazing stuff all over the place. Feels like you re sipping your coffee in someone’s house.
Have a look at https://www.facebook.com/ThatRetroCafe/

The Artistry Gallery 

A great gallery with woodwork, wire, pastels, glass, photography and more.
They want to inspire, create and share their passion and they believe in sustainability.
They are always sourcing quality work and welcome other artist to contact them if they are interested in having their work represented.

Just have a look at their Website and Facebook Page



Global Free Style

This little friendly shop focusses on Australian top quality designs, but also have some pretty awesome accessories, lifestyle items and housewares. Global Free Style is located next to the Artistry Gallery and they actually share the same roof. Have a look at their website and find them on social media ( referred on their website )https://globalfreestyle.com.au

The curtain Fig Tree

Apart from the Curtain Fig Motel, there is this massive and popular Curtain Fig Tree in Yungaburra. ( So now you know where the name of the Curtain Fig Motel comes from 😉 )You will find the Curtain Fig Tree when you drive from Yungaburra towards Atherton, just a bit out of town. It`s easy to reach the Curtain Fig Tree from the car park, and with an all-weather boardwalk its wheelchair and pram friendly.

So, as you can read, there are lots of things to discover in Yungaburra and with the Curtain Fig Motel as your home away from home base, it makes the perfect next getaway.
Book your stay at the Curtain Fig Motel at www.curtainfig.com
Or give Mark and Jane a call or email at 0740953168 / holiday@curtainfig.com

Make sure you check out their Facebook page as well https://www.facebook.com/CurtainFigMotel2015

* Our 2 night stay at the Curtain Fig Motel was complimentary, but all content in our article is based on our own experience and opinion.
* Photography as always © by Woody World Packer

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