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www.woodyworldpacker.com at Cable Beach in Broome

Wow! There we go, the kick off of www.woodyworldpacker.com¬†with our first blog post ūüôā

After blogging on a Dutch blogging platform for friends and family since 2008, it`s now time to share our experiences from all over the world on our very own website.

Full with enthusiasm and ideas we are sitting here with a “cuppa” in the Australian¬†outback in a tiny place called Kununurra, the place we call home far away from home for the last few years.¬†In those years we captured some of the most beautiful photo’s and discovered the most amazing places around this remote part of Australia.

But apart from living in the outback we also traveled a lot to every single corner of the world, from South America to Europe, from Asia to the Pacific and from the Middle East to Middle America.

So for now, where to start?!

Should we pick one of the 65 countries we visited? Or we should write about our sometimes crazy lifestyle and the other things we love, like Photography and DIY projects.

Anyway, we picked our website theme, and amazing web hosting , we are full of ideas and are excited to start.

One thing is for sure, we definitely have lots to write about. Our aim is to inspire our readers and to take you all on a journey around the world and give something back to the world.

So stay tuned, and discover with us!


Jo, Lion & Sem

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