Where NOT to stay in Cooktown

Peninsula Caravan Park Cooktown
Where not to stay in Cooktown

We won’t write a lot of articles about where NOT to stay because we are really easy-going and in most situations we always see the bright and positive side of things, but this accommodation at the Peninsula Caravan Park in Cooktown seriously provided us with an endless stream of WTF`s.

We stayed in thousands of accommodations and some better than others, and IF there was something not quite clean, with most of them it’s just a matter of a cloth and a wipe around, but this one could easily cause health issues and who knows what else.

Lucky us, we only booked for 1 night, but our poor German neighbours didn’t and they booked a week up front, but shared the same thoughts and the lady told us she had rejected our cabin as it was to dirty, so they got moved into the cabin next to us, but she cleaned everything when they just arrived in that one as well.  ( which is really bad in the first place ) She said that she booked for a week and couldn’t get her money back, so they had to stay there.

Well, leaving directly crossed our minds as well for a second, but we arrived after Sunset, booked upfront and there were not much other options and Sem wasn’t too keen on another drive in the car either so we decided we just deal with it and don’t cook and touch as little as possible.

Like not overreacting, this thing didn’t need a massive clean up, this cabin basically needed to be burnt down. It was that bad.

Everything we touched was dirty and sticky, every single piece of cutely, plate or glass was stained, greasy or dirty, food in the cabinets and microwave from other people started to walk away, nasty smells, towels were moldy ( we had to use our own ) bed sheets not clean, dust and rubbish under the bed, in the bathroom, on the table, and so on and on, because everything was nasty, old and broken.

When we went to the reception to very politely tell the lady that the cabins where in this state, she didn’t give a damn, just a shrug and a ‘ i will tell the cleaner’. Like are you guys seriously?!

Completely mismanagement, to bad as the nature in the park is stunning in the forest and the only thing you hear in the morning are  bird sounds while you sipping your morning coffee fix and watching the sun set through the trees. ( one positive experience 😉 )

We should have checked the Trip Advisor reviews and Google reviews before, as they are also not really positive either to say the least. We honestly don’t always go with the reviews of others and again are positive seekers, but this cabin is not healthy to stay in for any one and especially not small children.

Luckily there are plenty of great accommodation with very good reviews in Cooktown.

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  • Yes, this accomodation was apart from one hotel in Myanmar ( this is another story 😉 the worst accomodation we ever stayed in. And we wouldn`t care if it was just old or wipeable with a cloth, but this was seriously dirty and especially with our little man. We should have read the reviews before 😉 Do you have any really bad experiences with accomodations?

  • Wow, your post heading Where NOT to stay, drew me in – The state of your cabin was so appalling, I can’t believe the owners didn’t even care! I’m glad you only had to stay one night, your poor neighbours though! Thanks for posting, I definitely won’t be staying there!

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