Things to do for FREE on a quick weekend getaway to Dublin

Dublin the Capital City of Ireland
Dublin Temple Bar

A little while ago, when I was still living in the Netherlands, I often went on quick little city trips. Working for a travel agency didn’t help to cure my curiosity and my unbeatable case of wanderlust. From the Netherlands there are many ( low-budget ) options and so now and then I found myself on a Ryan Air or Easy Jet plane with only hand luggage for a quick weekend getaway.

Dublin was one of those quick weekend trips with Ryan Air. Looking online for the cheapest destination, departure in a few weeks, and Voila! Dublin popped up. Credit Card Details – Enter – Booked – Check! Ireland you better watch out!

I also booked a cheap ass crappy hostel ( yep my visit to Dublin was a little while ago, when I was still sleeping in Hostels ) mind me that I don’t know the name of the place anymore, but what I do know are some great things Dublin has to offer for ( almost ) Free. Here is my selection of things to do in Dublin on a short weekend getaway.

Walk through Dublin and take it all in

When you arrive and you are still fresh and fruity ( if you didn’t take an utterly early morning flight ) just start walking around in Dublin’s compact city centre. I often find that when you just start walking around ( of course with a map, in case you get lost, and the things in mind you really want to see ) you will discover the greatest and sometimes less discovered things. If you are culture minded, it’s great to know that all of the Government funded museums are for Free and open to visitors and not only the inside but also the outside of Dublin’s historical buildings are amazing!

Go ( Window ) Shopping!

Go Window shopping in Grafton Street, Dublin’s best shopping street and even known as Ireland’s world-famous shopping street. You will find everything you need from the well-known Luxury brands to the affordable brands and lots of street artists. Did you know Bono van U2 was one of them a long time ago? Another great shopping street in the area is Henry Street, less famous, but also really nice.

Relax in the park

Relax in one of Dublin’s great city parks. One of them is St. Stephen’s Green, a large Victorian park right at the end of Grafton Street in the heart of the busy city. You can relax on the grass, read a book on the benches and feed the ducks in the pond.

The Spire of Dublin

You can’t leave Dublin without finding  the Spire of Dublin. A massive 120 meter long stainless steel spire on O’Connell Street which makes the best meeting point for if you get lost, as this massive landmark can’t get missed. There is actually an interesting story behind the Spire of Dublin. Check it out at the website of architect Ian Ritchie, where you can also find more pictures that show you how long it actually is compared with other buildings in the area and it’s without a doubt HUGE!

Dublin’s Doors

Walk around and search for the most colourful, beautiful or crazy Georgian door in Dublin. In every street you will find one of those colourful front doors. There is even a very popular Instagram account by Eleanor Costello who’s only featuring Dublin’s doors! Have a look at The doors of Dublin’s Instagram account here 

Spend the night at the Temple Bar

After walking around in Dublin the entire day it’s time for some food, music and a drink. Not for FREE, but you can make this part so cheap or expensive like you want.  The best place to go is definitely the Temple Bar area. It’s Dublin’s playground with lots of little boutiques, bars, restaurants and cafe’s but also cultural streets like street artists, open air markets and exhibitions. Wander around on the cobblestone streets of the Temple bar district to find yourself a great restaurant or head straight to one of the best pub’s in the country to have a great pub meal and a drink or 2 ( or 3 )  One of the famous pubs in Ireland is of course the Temple Bar. Not only is the Temple bar one of the most often visited and most photographed pub in Ireland, but also one of the best with great local beers, that cosy Irish Vibe and life music performed by the best artists.

Have you been to Dublin? Do you have any more great things to add? Talk to us in the comments below.

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