Welcome to Kuranda | Hippie Village in the Rainforest

Kuranda Markets
Kuranda Markets

Since the day we arrived here in Cairns, we were curious about Kuranda. Kuranda is best known as the Village in the Rainforest and in all the tourist flyers and online you see this colourful hippie kinda markets and of course the Kuranda Scenic Railway and the Sky Rail surrounded by rainforest. Close to the main hub of Cairns, only located a short hour drive via a really nice scenic mountain route or the 1.5 hour train drive with the KSR, Kuranda has been attracting visitors for a long time. At first people came to check out the Barron Falls, but artists and hippies where attracted to the beautiful scenery and nature and decided to settle down here, where they created a colourful, vibrant arts and crafts scene.

As soon as you arrive in Kuranda, you feel like you are on holidays and you are in a total different scene then busy neighbour Cairns. The local markets are build out of tiny colourful wooden houses, located in the middle of the rainforest. There is this relaxed and no worries atmosphere and lots of beautiful gallery`s, artists, food stalls and shops where you can shop clothing, jewellery, local ( aboriginal ) arts and hand made articles.

The markets are open Daily and so is the Main Street, which is also packed with little boutiques and eatery`s.

If you like a bit of nature and wildlife, Kuranda also has lots to offer.  The Barron Gorge National Park offers various rainforest walks in the area where you cannot only check out the amazing Barron Gorge Falls, but also a wide range of flora and fauna. Check out the visitors centre at the end of the Main Street as well for all the walks and information.

Kuranda even offers a wildlife exhibit in the heart of Kuranda opposite of the entrance of the Markets. Surround yourself with butterflies and birds, cuddle a koala, hang with a bat,  try to spot a turtle and much more. Great fun for the whole family.


Where to find the best food in Kuranda

There is a time for exploring, and there is time for food. Well, in Kuranda there is much choice for everyone. We heard about the famous German Tucker, a must do when you are in Kuranda, and according to them they had the best German Wurst in the Universe. And of course beer, big massive German beers. Yep, lets check it out. So the German Tucker is accessible via the tiny shade covered market which you reach at the end of the Main Street ( if you walk from the station ) or if you turn around the Corner in the directions of the Kuranda Markets. You can`t miss this colourful, little business with the happiest and enthusiastic German on earth. Paddy J. This guy is hilarious, funny and knows how to please his guests. Real fun hospitality and great Food! We had the Wurst combo with Sauerkraut and salad, and of course, a Beer!

Check out their Facebook Page  or their Website:  www.germantucker.com where you can play this hilarious Wurst Game ( seriously this is not a joke )

Another really nice place ( and a bit healthier ) is the Jungle Juice, this place is located in the middle of the market surrounded by rainforest, and you can get fresh fruit juices, brekky, lunch and other great stuff and even play a game of Mini Golf.

How to get to Kuranda

There are different way`s to visit Kuranda. You can go by car which leads you through a very bendy mountain way with a few really nice look out points along the way. Or you can go by Sky Rail or the legendary Kuranda Scenic Railway ( or a combo of those 2 )

Read more about the Kuranda Scenic Railway here


Photography as always © by Woody World Packer captured with a Nikon D5200
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