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De Vreemde Vogel Vlaardingen, The Netherlands | Space Mees
De Space Mees at de Vreemde Vogel

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A young family of strange birds, full of energy, inspiration and passion. Always looking for something stranger, funnier and unique to rebuild into an awesome accommodation.

One born in a hotel, the other on a farm. The perfect mix for a successful recipe, which is called the Vreemde Vogel ( Dutch for ‘The strange bird’ )

Located on the edge of the Dutch city of Vlaardingen, de Vreemde Vogel, a unique concept in the Netherlands, is a little piece of nature heaven. Everything is so quiet and green, you have actually no idea that you are so close to the hustle and bustle of the city.

Woody World Packer’s free birds flew off for a visit to meet, stay and eat at this inspiring concept.

De Vreemde Vogel – The Strange Bird

When we visited the Vreemde Vogel, they offered 10 unique accommodations.

They all have a private bathroom, breakfast delivered in a picnic basket with delicious local produce, a heater for the cold winter months in the Netherlands, and a massive amount of space around the accommodations for hours of fun, play and celebrations.

This is perfect for families with kids, who can freely run around, but also for larger groups of family, friends, or work mates.

Here are the unique accommodations De Vreemde Vogel offers:

De Space Mees

Houston; we have a problem… Not at the Vreemde Vogel. Kids sleep in a spaceship and parents at the base centre, in a cosy shipping container. This beauty is perfectly designed and has a very SPACIOUS outside area. The perfect place for families up to 6 people.

This is the unique accommodation we stayed in for 1 night during our visit to the Vreemde Vogel.

In the front of the shipping container you will find a double bed with an extra extendable bed underneath. There is a sink and a closet and even a vintage ( modern style ) record player. The large windows all around the bed really make you feel one with nature.

Insider Tip: Don’t watch a scary triller at night with the curtains open. You really feel ‘watched’ 😉

In the back of the shipping container you have the toilet and shower and via a small hallway you reach the spaceship, which can accommodate 3 people in a very high bunk bed. Just be aware that the upper bunk is at 3m hight. There is a little fence at all 3 beds, but not really suitable for toddlers and children who move a lot during their sleep.

With Sem being both a toddler and a mover, we got one of the mattresses from the bunk bed and made him a little bed on the floor, and he seemed very content with it, as he drifted off straight away.

Another thing Sem really liked, was the space suit hanging in his room. So cute and funny at the same time 🙂

Het Vogelhuis

Amazing and cleverly designed is Het Vogelhuis ( The Bird House ) A real, adult size bird house, which has an open space living area and offers a bed to 4 persons. A massive rain barrel, next to the birdhouse, is transformed into a private toilet and shower.

There are 2 birdhouses next to each other, which also makes it perfect to celebrate or organise a family gathering, or catch up weekend with friends.

De IJzeren Vogel

Always wanted to stay in an Airplane? One that just stays on the ground, and where you have got lots of leg space? A crashed airplane is perhaps a better description 😉 You can at De IJzeren Vogel ( The Iron Bird )

De IJzeren Vogel has a bed for 4 people, 2 of them are quite small, so they would be ideal for the kids. Just keep in mind that the beds are not really suitable for toddlers who are very movable during their sleep as they don’t have a bed fence.

Although it isn’t as spacious as a Boeing 747 or an Airbus A380, this is the perfect way to experience first class flying, sitting in the cockpit, and walking on the wing of an airplane.

Very inventive are the toilet and shower located next to the airplane in a flight case.

De Familie Struisvogel

Another unique accommodation in the Netherlands, you actually have to see, to believe. An old-timer caravan in the middle of their mini animal farm. Sheep walking around. Oh, and that caravan is located high up in the air on massive poles.

De Famile Struisvogel ( Family Ostrich ) offers a bed to 2 adults and 2 children. The shower and toilet are  based on solid ground.

If you would like to experience this unique accommodation as a couple, you can also opt for De Knusse Struisvogel ( Cosy Ostrich ) which is suitable for 2 persons.

The above accomodations are absolutely amazing and unique for a family getaway. If you are looking for something romantic for the 2 of you, De Waterhoen and De Papegaai are your best shot.


De Waterhoen ( The Moorhen ) is definitely the most romantic accomodation at De Vreemde Vogel. You  find this little blue gem hidden along a small river with its own little landing stage and tiny tinny.

Imagine boating around for a bit, then having a glass of wine on your private veranda, taking a warm bath and ending the day by chilling out in this cosy hut. Sounds like the perfect romantic getaway to me!

Not only would I definitely recommend De Waterhoen for couples, but also for people with older children who can, and want to sleep in their own room.

De Papegaai

De Papegaai ( The Parrot ) is a gypsy shack located close to de Waterhoen. A cute little getaway for 2, or extra room for the kids to sleep in, when the parents are staying in de Waterhoen.

If you are looking to accommodate larger groups and want lots of space to organise activities, De Vreemde Vogel has a few great options too.

De Vuurvogel

De Vuurvogel ( The Firebird ) is really cool designed with Fire and Fire Brigade as themes. You ve got your own fire pit outside and fire-place inside for those cold Dutch winter months. The red fireman Van is prefect for the kids to play in, while the parents are relaxing outside.

The cupboard beds definitely add to the cosy vibe of this accommodation. The only little thing we  noticed was the jungle bush around the place compared with the pictures on the website. But that is just a matter of maintenance.

De Afrikaanse Trekvogel

( The African migratory bird ) is a massive safari tent, which is homely designed and offers a bed to 8 persons. There are 2 showers and 1 toilet.

Outside you have a nice veranda with cosy lounge, and lots of space for activities. The Afrikaans Trekvogel is located on the same field as the 2 birdhouses.

Wine, Dine & Celebrate at the Vreemde Vogel

Not only are the accomodations at the Vreemde Vogel very cute and cosy, also their Cafe/ Restaurant called ‘ Het Tuin Cafe’ ( Garden Cafe ) has this typical Dutch cosy atmosphere.

You can treat yourself with home-made cakes, coffee, special beers and a range of other drinks. A great thing about their menu is that they use lots of local produce.

The kids can play in the sand pit or natural playground, while the parents can sit and relax on the veranda.

Apart from their set menu in the Garden Cafe, De Vreemde Vogel also organises High Tea’s, High Wine’s, birthday parties, meetings, weddings and other occasions.

De Vreemde Vogel also offer a range of special packages in collaboration with other local business. A Wellness Package, Zoo Package, Culinary Package and a Mountain Bike Package are a few options.

Other activities at De Vreemde Vogel

No matter what your age is, there is always something to do at the Vreemde Vogel.

There is a mini animal farm, a nature playground for kids, a tiny tinny ( little boat )  you can use, and a pizza oven, where you can bake your own pizza’s with herbs from their own veggie pad ( Only during Dutch School Holiday )

If you love nature, hiking and biking, you can rent bikes at the neighbour’s place and discover Vlaardingen City, Rotterdam, Delft, or Nature Reserve ‘ Midden Delfland’

We were actually really surprised when we arrived at The Vreemde Vogel. We were driving through the city of Vlaardingen in the direction of the Vreemde Vogel, and from one moment to the next we ‘re driving from a concrete jungle, through the gates of the Vreemde Vogel, to arrive in such a nice, relaxed and green area. I bet you’ ll be surprised too.

In the neighbourhood of de Vreemde Vogel are also lots of activities to do for kids, like an indoor playground ( De Jungle ), the beach of Hoek van Holland, the Cinema in Vlaardingen, Blijdorp Zoo, a little lake with beach ( Krabbeplas ) and a large and free playground ( Klauterwoud )

We only stayed for 1 night, but as you can read and see, you can easily spend a weekend, midweek or week at De Vreemde Vogel. We really liked our stay here and definitely recommend de Vreemde Vogel for a Unique getaway in the Netherlands.

Check out more and book your unique accommodation in the Netherlands at

Thanks to de Vreemde Vogel for hosting our stay for 1 night. As always, this article is totally based on our own personal opinion.

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