Where to sleep & eat at Maafushi Island

Maafushi Island Maldives
Tropical scenes Maafushi Island Maldives

The best way to discover the Maldives on a budget, is to stay at Maafushi Island and book your day trips from there, so you can enjoy the facilities and luxury of the more expensive resorts for a day but don’t have to pay for a room you re only sleeping in.

Maafushi doesn’t have any water bungalows and is not a resort Island, but a small island with some really nice, small and cosy hotels and guest houses managed by super friendly people. Maafushi is so small you can walk around the island in a couple of hours, or you take a bit longer if you rest and sit down to have a drink at one of the water front bars. Maafushi is really relaxed and you feel this typical island vibe, no massive resorts, star restaurants or luxury shops, but just the simple local life, which we personally absolutely love.

Where to stay at Maafushi

We stayed 2 nights at the Ocean Vista Guest house

The Ocean Vista Guest house is quite new and has a cosy ski chalet feeling because their interior contains lots of wood and cane.  The rooms are also really cosy with a beachy feeling, and even though our room door was basically in the reception, we didn’t have any noise from people coming in and out.

The staff members are beyond friendly and really welcoming. We got picked up by the ferry, we got a welcome drink during check it, which went really smooth, and they offered a range of very good excursions, which we booked for a good price via them. Check out the excursions we did at Maafushi over here

We booked our room via www.agoda.com and we paid only $50 USD per night per room in January, which is tourist season.

Ocean Vista Guesthouse at Maafushi
Ocean Vista Guesthouse at Maafushi
Ocean Vista Guesthouse at Maafushi
Ocean Vista Guesthouse at Maafushi

We also stayed 2 nights at the White Shell Island Hotel.

This hotel is less cosy and a bit bigger than Ocean Vista, but a bit more luxurious and its position on the island is better. The people here are also really friendly and the rooms are comfy! We booked a sea view room, which was great, but we really missed a nice balcony to enjoy those tropical views even more!

Again a really nice accommodation which we also booked via www.agoda.com and we paid $75 USD per night per room in January.

Where to eat, drink and chill out at Maafushi

Maafushi  has a few nice restaurants, café`s and bars. Be aware that this is no party island, so you won`t find a cappuccino strip, party street or anything like that, but just the laid back, relaxed little places to go.

One must go restaurant / bar  is the Stingray Beach Inn. You can also choose to sleep here, but we went there for our after dinner drinks. Especially when it`s dark, the garden is amazing with bean bags, hammocks, cosy lights, hanging egg chairs and a Jacuzzi! ( yes we are serious ).

For lunch and dinner we went to White Shell Restaurant, Rehendi Inn and Restaurant and Arena Beach Restaurant which are all located on the beach with sea / sunset views and have great meals for decent prices.

Maafushi also has a few souvenirs shop where you can score your next fridge magnet 😉

Want to know more about Maafushi? Click here to discover the excursion possibilities!

What do you think about Maafushi? Would you stay here? Of maybe you did already? Talk to us in the comments below.


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