This is How to make money while travelling the world How to make money while travelling the world How to make money while travelling the world

Who doesn’t dream of it; making money while travelling. Not only will you get an opportunity to make money while travelling the world, you also experience a sense of freedom you won’t find in your day-to-day 9 to 5 office. With more and more remote and abroad jobs available, this is the time to break your everyday routines and live the life you want with more freedom. Imagine finishing your email, reports, articles or whatever work you do, and be able to chill out at the beach in the Philippines , explore hip coffee cafe’s in Dublin or walk trough the gorgeous streets of Stockholm.

Sounds good right? Check out these remote jobs that you can do while travelling the world How to make money while travelling the world
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Make money when staying in one location for a while.

If you really want to get to know the locals, their culture and mingle with them, working in another country and stay for a while is the best way to do this. Here are some jobs you can do in a different country.

Teach English abroad

There are Job opportunities all over the world and in many cases you don’t need to be certified as an English teacher, as long as you are a native or fluent speaker. Most popular destinations are China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and many other Asian, South American and even European countries. Not only English, but also other popular languages as Chinese, Spanish, Italian or French can be taught abroad.

Work in hospitality abroad

Working in high-class hospitality establishments and management functions can be hard if you don’t have a related education or experience, but there is always work for dishwashers, waiters, hosts, and bar work if you like to work with people, have a great attitude and love to work hard.

Work as a chef abroad

Cooking your way around the world when you are a chef. There is always a high demand of (seasonal) chefs in restaurants, resorts and cruise ships. Australia is very popular by chefs from overseas countries as their payment is great compared with other countries around the world.

Work in tourism abroad 

Working in tourism is fun! There are many jobs you can do abroad like; hostess, working as an animator on a camping or resort, work in a backpackers travel agency, do promotion work for a local tourism business, work as a receptionist, and many more.

Working on a cruise ship abroad 

Working on a cruise ship is hard work, but a great way to earn good money while travelling the world for free. You work with people from all over the world, which means making friends around the world, a learning more about different cultures and people. Because you work long days and living on the ship, you don’t spend much money, so you can safe and travel.

Work as a hairdresser abroad 

Everyone needs a hair cut now and then. Advertise in local hostels, caravan parks and in local backpacking Facebook pages. Or apply for jobs on cruise ships and resorts.

Work as a masseuse or beauty therapist abroad 

Like a hairdresser, advertise in local businesses or apply for jobs on cruise ships and resorts.

Work in all kinds of jobs abroad with a working holiday visa 

In countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada and a few more, you can apply for a Working Holiday Visas to young people generally between 18 – 31 years old. It allows you to stay in the country for a while and work and travel around the country. Most popular jobs are in Hospitality, Tourism and Farm work, but if you are a skilled trade’s person ( Builders, Painters, Plumbers, Mechanic, Electricians or Carpenter ) there might be work for you to! Especially in Australia there is a high demand for those trades and you can easily work for yourself by applying for an ABN ( Australian Business Number ) insurance, licenses and tools.

Working abroad by playing an instrument

Are you the next generation Clapton, Hendrix or Argerich? Great! You can probably make money with street performing, or even better, teach your skills around the world to anyone who wants to learn what you are doing as well. Advertise in local online classifieds or put up signs in places like hostels, schools and library’s. 

Teach Yoga abroad 

Yoga is becoming more and more popular and many people see the health benefit that comes with it. Why not live in Bali or any other country where yoga teachers are in high demand and make a job from your passion.

Surfing Instructor abroad 

A dream job for many, especially here in Australia , but also in the Caribbean countries like Mexico or Asia.

Scuba Diving Instructor abroad 

Same as being a Surfing Instructor, very popular and a dream job for many. Great Scuba Diving Destinations like Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt and Mexico are always looking for new staff.

Working as an Au Pair abroad 

A great job for first time travellers who just finished school. Countries like the USA, Canada and Australia are always in high demand of Au Pairs. Most of the time you get your own room, food and drinks and a weekly salary on top of that. You can enjoy weekend getaways with the family or explore on your own, and after you finished with your contract, you can go out and about. Maybe you can even do another job in the weekends if you want to safe some extra money. Most Au Pairs in Australia earn around 200 – 250 AUD per week for 30 hours work ( Plus your accomodation and food for free! )


Online Freelance Work is getting more and more popular. Whether you have a background or interest in web design, programming, illustration, writing, blogging, photography,(social media) marketing, consulting, personal assistance, admin work, and a whole range of other fields, you should definitely look at freelance work websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer and People per Hour. These are platforms that connect freelancers with people and companies who need work done.

Apart from working freelance with different clients, you can also work remote with one company. Maybe you work at a company that allows you to work remotely, which you can do anywhere in the world. One of the most popular companies who are all about remote working and are pretty damn awesome in that, are the people from Buffer. Here are some jobs you can basically do from anywhere in the world when you have a laptop and an internet connection.

Working remote as a Graphic Designer

If you are creative, have a good eye for design, skilled in Photoshop, drawing, and illustrating, then you should definitely offer your services on a Freelance platform or on your website. In this field, there are many job websites for any skill level, from website designs, banners, logo’s, t shirts, and many more.

Working remote as a Website Builer / Developer / Programmer 

With platforms like WordPress and Weebly, you don’t need a website builder anyone, as you can easily build your own website without any knowledge or skills in this field. These platforms are built to create your own website, but there are always complicated websites a business might need or people who want and can build a website themselves, but simply don’t have the time to do it, and that’s where you come in. You can either search for really bad websites and offer them to update/rebuild their website or head to Fiverr, UpworkFreelancer and People per Hour for loads of freelance jobs.

Working remote as a Translator 

If you are bilingual and speak multiple languages fluently, translation jobs are fun, easy and can earn good money. Chinese, Spanish and French are most popular on the freelance platforms I work on, but you should definitely check your language, as there might be a great job that suits your language. I did a few translation jobs from English to Dutch and currently working on a 18.000 word translation job for a massive website.

Working remote as a Writer & Editor 

If you love writing, telling stories and have a feeling for it, you can apply for one of many writing gigs. You can write on your own blog, or do freelance writing work for companies ( think of their website content, social media, newsletters, campings )  It helps if you can showcase your work to future clients by your portfolio or own website.

Another thing you could to as a remote writer is writing an eBook. ( Or paper Book ) It takes a bit of time to write a complete eBook, but if done well, it can provide you a passive income for a while. Or if you are lucky it can become a Best seller!

Working remote as a Social Media Manager

Social media is very time-consuming, and most companies don’t have the time to keep up with it. It’s pretty much a full-time job to keep up with managing your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest account. That’s where a social media manager comes to the rescue.

Working remote as a Social Media Influencer

Not only can you work as a social media manager, but also as a Social Media Influencer. In most cases, you first need a certain amount of engaged followers, but when you are on that stage, you can work with (big) brands to promote their products or services on your social media channels. We did a few social media campaigns with (start-up) brands in the past and are currently working on some new exciting campaigns. Our rule is that we only work with brands we believe in and suits our niche. We got people approaching us to promote their car tyre business and other brands that didn’t have anything to do with what we are about. That’s a no go area for us. We want to stay true to ourselves and our readers. A way to get in contact with brands is via your own website or social media channels where either brands can find you, or you approach brands, or you sign up for influencers websites where influencers and brands can get matched. Great websites for this are Web Fluental , Insta Brand, Hashtag Paid, Famebit and  Izea. Also look for marketing agency and influence website in your country and language if you are not from the USA, Canada or Australia.

Create an Online Course

If you are good in something, you can teach others. So if you rock the guitar, or want to share your experience about how you became successful, teach a language or anything else, you can create an online course. You can create 1 course, or upload YouTube videos on a weekly or monthly base. Once you have set it up, it can generate a passive income for a while.

Working remote as a Virtual Assistant ( VA ) 

Nowadays, plenty of busy digital nomads, entrepreneurs and big companies hire VA’s (virtual assistants). A virtual assistant is like a normal assistant who manages daily tasks such as replying to emails, scheduling appointments, making travel arrangements, research, etc.

Working remote as a website and App tester 

One of my first free-lance jobs was testing a website before it launched. It was travel related and with a quick survey attached, I had to share my thoughts and opinion. It takes you about half an hour for a complete website and earnings are on average around $15 and up ( the longer it takes, the more you earn)

Creating an App yourself

If you have a brilliant idea, something that a lot of people might find handy or interesting, you should create and sell your own app. With everyone having a smart phone these days, it would be the perfect way to make some money online. If you have the idea, but you aren’t that tech savvy, you can find thousands of experienced people on Fiver, UpworkFreelancer and People per Hour who can help you creating it.

Work remote by doing Paid Surveys

This is not a way to get rich, but an easy way to earn some cash. There are thousands of survey websites but not all of them are trustworthy. We don’t do paid surveys as we have to much other things to do and I am not really patient to do it 😉 But if you consider doing paid surveys, have a look here! If you are planning to do many surveys and doing it for a long time, use a new email address for your surveys as you get lots of email afterwards.

Working remote as a Blogger 

Making money as a blogger can take a lot of time and effort. Blogging is a full-time job, and in our case we started to make money 6 months after we bought our domain name and 4 months after we launched our first article. Sign up here to our website, as we will share some interesting articles soon about how to make money from your blog and more useful info about blogging. Secure your own domain name with Bluehost as the first step. If you signed up, you can easily install your WordPress website and you are the proud owner of your own website. Check Bluehost out here 

Working remote as a Vlogger

If you are not camera shy and love to show your viewers amazing things you do, or want to share some other awesome things, than being a blogger ( on Youtube ) might be a great thing to do! When you get popular you can make money with your videos with advertisement. We are more behind the camera people than in front of the camera, but we have secured our own Youtube channel as we have some amazing video content to share about our travels.

Working remote by doing Voiceover work

When I am looking for interesting jobs on the freelance platforms I work on, I quite often bump into voiceover work. I never did it myself, but it looks like fun, and payments are good as well.

Work remote on transcriptions 

Another job you can do with only a laptop and quality internet connection is that of an transcriptionist. You listen to audio files and convert what you hear into a written document. If you are a good listener and a fast typo, this is a perfect job for you.

Working remote as a photographer

If you are a photographer and have lots of beautiful pictures, why not sell them? There are many websites where you can sell your photo’s online. The famous stock image websites are easy but not making you rich, unless you sell a lot of photo’s, but there are also website who offer higher payments for your photo’s or you can set your own rates, like 500pxCreative Market, Getty Images, Fotolia, Fine Art America 

Working remote as an artist or designer

It can be hard to make a living from selling your artwork or designs, but you can be lucky or at least make some money of it. There are many websites where you can sell your artwork, like Fine Art America, Society6  or Zazzle. At the popular freelance websites there is a high demand of logo designers, interior designers and architects.

Working remote by running your own online store 

You can also sell your artwork, photography or beautiful things you find around the world in your own online shop. You can include an online shop on your website, open an Ebay, Easy store or sell your goods on Amazon.

Rent out your house at AirBnB 

A mortgage is one of the biggest things to prevent people from travelling long-term. But what if you turn that mortgage from weight on your ankle to stop you from travelling, into a benefit and rent out your home while you are travelling. With Airbnb you can easily sign up to list your property. Sign up here and receive $30 free travel credit which you can use for your own trip! A win-win!

Websites to find remote jobs

Fiver, UpworkFreelancer and People per Hour

Getting paid

The easiest way to get paid as a remote working Freelancer is by setting up a Paypal account. It is easy, fast and safe.

Do you work remote? Do you have any great jobs to add on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • That is totally right Adam. Trying, experiencing new things, failing, and figuring out what’s the best way for your online business to succeed.
    All the best!

  • This is so true. Visit any online forum and they’re packed with people asking for what’s the latest and greatest ebook or tactic. Those people are always just lounging on the forums all day waiting for a handout and wondering why they aren’t successful online. Fastest way to success is failing a lot.

  • You are more than welcome lovely! I am pretty sure there will be lots of great jobs around there for you on the freelance platforms 🙂
    Hope you have a wonderfull weekend!
    XXX Jo

  • This is fabulous!!! You really covered it all, I’d never think of some of these jobs! Feeling super inspired now, will maybe check a few options myself, like these website with freelance works, they sound amazing! Thank you for all the priceless tips, just in time! Mal Xx

  • Thank you so much!
    Yes, it took me quite a while to write this article, but it is great to inspire so many people with it and be able to help other people to find work while they travel.
    Have a great day!

  • What a great list of making extra money no matter whichever part of the globe you are! You’ve compiled the list for every kind of traveler!

  • That was a big list to make money while travelling. Great pot and amazing pictures.

  • Hi 100cobbleroads,
    Yes it can be tough to make enough money, but depends on where you are and where you want to travel as well.
    Personally, when I started my business I had really low service fees and worked part time as well, to secure extra income and had the change to grow my portfolio and work with more clients. Now I have more experience I ask higher fees and make more money. When we are in a certain place for a while we still work in employed jobs to safe extra money for our travels and home.

  • Hi Tom!
    Depends indeed on your skills or what you want, but we think there is a job for everyone. We found jobs in Hospitality easily in Australia.You can get your padi and an instructor course in a few weeks ( asia has high demand ) I studied Tourism and Hospitality management and now own my own business and do marketing and photography as a trade, totally self learned and gained out of experience. Depends of course on where you are located and what you want, as said before. Same with working and saving for travelling. If you work in Australia, where earnings are high, and travel in Asia, you can travel much and much longer than when you would travel Australia or other more expensive countries.
    We believe there is a way for everyone 🙂

  • Hey Lara,
    Glad you liked it! 🙂
    True! There are a lot of ‘lure’ post to get people to their posts or affiliates, but there is barely info in the post. We thought to do it a bit different and share some actual info to inspire and help other people who want to work and travel abroad.
    Hope you have a great day!

  • Definitely agree with you that some jobs like blogging and teaching are very time consuming and I think in particularly blogging is really underestimated by a lot of people in regards to time and effort that goes into it.

  • Hi Danik!
    Yes I agree running an online story is hard work. We have plans for that in the future though, but for now, just focussing on the blog as this is already a lot of work on its own 😉
    Great to hear that you liked it!


  • I hears you but so many of these jobs aren’t so easy or do available. Language teacher is a good example, as I’ve heard so many people recommend that. But it people are not naturel, talented instructors, with a background in this. Others jobs can be quite difficult, such as hospitality or au pair. You’ll need to work for quite a while to save money for travelling.

  • You have some nice tips here and I can totally understand why it became so popular to work from some remote location. And of course, it’s only natural if the job is web related. Glad you’ve made it, guys, just keep it up! 🙂

  • Great and very informative read, thank you for that! Most of the times, when I see a blog post “how can you make money while traveling” are just clickbaits with barely any content or practical advice. This post really can help to anyone who is thinking about traveling and working but doesnt know where to start. I didnt know about some of the websites for freelance working so thanks! 🙂

  • There’s a lot of different options there to suit many different skills! Some of them I hadn’t ever considered such as voiceover work. You still need to put in a lot of graft to some of these ventures; blogging and teaching for example are very time consuming!

  • Wow, that’s such a comprehensive post of the types of jobs one could do and work overseas. I worked as an au pair for a few months in my teens, which gave me the chance to live in France, but I’ve not worked abroad since. I love my job and I don’t think many of the options above would pay me anything similar, and sadly it’s not one that I could easily practice in the countries in which I’d love to live for a few months. But some of the other options are possibles!

  • These are some great ideas for jobs to do while abroad. We were mostly looking for jobs when we were abroad as mail room/print room workers or telemarketing/call centre jobs and we found it really easy to get a job in the UK. Those jobs are always in demand and there is a high turnover which helps people looking for temp jobs.

  • Great tips on how to get the extra cash. Not sure I could run an online store. Sounds like hard work…like running a travel blog 😛 Joking, but some great tips here.

  • Great list! I am having trouble trying to think of something to add. I think every job can be available in any country, but this list is definitely good for those who like to move around often.

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