DIY Caravan renovation | How to create an extra kids bed & playroom and don’t waste any space

DIY Caravan Renovation Bedroom Sem
DIY Caravan Renovation Bedroom

In our last DIY Caravan Renovation article, we showed you how we made our bed ( room ) and created a little (bed) room for Sem.

This week we will show you how it looks like all finished…Well, almost totally finished. You know what they say about a house ‘ There is always something more to do ‘

Our main goal was to create a nice and cozy room for Sem, so wherever we would travel, and no matter how many different places we would turn up in, Sem would always have the same safe space for himself. For ourselves, we just needed a comfy bed to crash, and not too much fuss.

What we did is basically building a double bunk bed, which saves a huge amount of space, you would otherwise waste. We can all sit and play in Sem’s room as well as chill out on our bed and enjoy beautiful views from all 3 windows. Win-Win.

And I think we did pretty well! Sem loves Books, Animals, Building stuff and Cars, and these are all included in his room 😉 Here are the photos of Sem’s bed/playroom

Accessories & Decoration

→ Wallpaper | Bunnings

→ Bookshelf | Re-used and painted, black bookshelf holders | Bunnings

→ 3 cute little animal paintings | From a lovely German friend

→ Lights | Re-used, as are the power plug inns. The color isn’t really great, so we might paint that sometime in the future, but on the other hand, it suits the bushy/tropical vibe a bit

→ Bedframe – Roof of Sem’s room |  Bunnings | Designed and made by Lion

→ White Paint of Cabinets | Dulux

→ Blue storage boxes | Kmart Australia

→ Curtains | Re-used

→ Puzzle Floor mat with Street pattern |Kmart Australia

→ Bed linen | Target Australia

→ Woven Square Storage baskets & Blue Storage Baskets | Kmart

→ String Art on Reclaimed wood with Sem’s name | We got it as a present when Sem was born from our lovely friends Cory and Jazz from 8th Ave Project. Check out their amazing String art, furniture, home decors and lots more on their Facebook page

We are currently finishing off an extra storage cabinet and shelf at that place where the blue storage cabinets and the string art are. This is also where we located our Dimplex Portable Airconditioner! Our lifesaver with the weather heating up here in Tropical North Queensland.

We will show the end result later when we do our final before and after DIY Caravan Renovation.

Oh and before you think we have prison bars in front of our windows… Nope, it’s our fence behind our caravan.

Our double love nest

We love our cozy bed! Kinda small compared with our previous beds, but we didn’t do each other’s head in so far, so I guess that’s a good sign 😉

There is enough storage for our stuff, and under the pillows, on the top of the bed we have more storage and the pillows are giving a cozy look. In the meantime, we added a little bit more color (as you can see in the below pictures the room is quite blunt – although we love a quiet room ) but we will show you guys this when we post our final DIY Caravan renovation before and after post.

The green/golden pillows are normally on the couch, but used in the picture for a little splash of color 😉

→ Trow pillows & Grey snuggle blanket | All from Kmart Australia

→ Bedlinnen | From Target, but bought it years ago for our spare room in Kununurra

→ Le bain storage bag & Love the Beach sign | Dollarsense Australia

→ Pink Flamingo Pool Drink Cup Holder | Xenos – The Netherlands

Stay tuned for our Kitchen & Living room reveal in the next few weeks. Next Sunday we will give you some tips & tricks on how to keep yourself and your caravan cool during our hot Ozzie summer.

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