Our first ever Asia encounter during a Hong Kong Stopover

Hong Kong from a boat
Hong Kong from a boat

Our first ever Asia experience was a stop over in Hong Kong. Years ago, Lion with a hangover and me accidentally sleeping totally through the first day ( first time Asia time remember 😉 ) Both on separate trips in 2008 ( yep, we where both for the first time in Australia at the same time, fell in love with the country at the same time, but had to wait another 4 years to fall in love with each other 🙂 ) But, both young with only a backpack on our way to our first big Australia adventure with a stop over in Hong Kong.  Our book of stories about all our Australia adventures will be forming a huge part of our website, so stay tuned.  Now back to Hong Kong.

Impression of Hong Kong

First impressions of Hong Kong? Well there were actually quite a lot! Smoking hot, busy, people walking, living and sleeping on top of each other, 24/7 something to do, food everywhere and anytime, people everywhere, complex electrical wires through the city, this city is amazing! I want to see much more of the Asian continent! And more of Hong Kong.

Where to stay in Hong Kong

A great hotel to stay in Hong Kong, if you want some convenience but not spending a lot of money, is the Stanford Hotel in Kowloon. The Stanford Hotel ( 3 star ) is only a stone trow away from the MTR (see website here) and a few really nice market and shopping area`s. The people are really friendly and the rooms are clean and comfy. They even offer a scheduled free airport shuttle service! For more info about the Standford Hotel and things to do in the surrounded area click here

If you want a top notch luxurious hotel with the largest rooms in Hong Kong, convenient location and super friendly service? Than stay at the Olympian Hotel. We ve stayed at the Olympian Hotel during our latest Hong Kong trip, and were blown away by it! Read our review here

Kowloon Hong Kong Street view
Kowloon Hong Kong Street view
Kowloon Hong Kong Street view
Kowloon Hong Kong Street view
Kowloon Hong Kong Street view
Kowloon Hong Kong Street view

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What to do in Hong Kong

If you are in Hong Kong for a stop over and you don’t want to hassle around with public transport and want to make the best of your (short) time, a city tour is the thing to do for you! There are dozens of tours to choose from, but a half day morning tour would be your best shot. Not to hot, and you get a great impression of the highlights, and you can choose where you want to go in the afternoon and spent some more time. Most of the tours will go to the harbour and you will have a little boat tour so you can check out Hong Kong`s skyline from the water. You can choose for a pre organised tour, if you are not that adventurous or don’t want to hassle around, but if you want a bit more freedom, definitely go for the Hong Kong Big Bus! Click here to check it out

Hong Kong harbour
Hong Kong harbour


Hong Kong harbour
Hong Kong harbour


Visiting the Stanley Markets are also a must do when in Hong Kong. These cosy markets have the same vibe as a Turkish bazaar, but without the Appleton and ‘ you are my friend, I have a special price for you’  ( If you have been to Turkey, you know where I am talking about 😉 )

Another highlight in Hong Kong is of course the famous Victoria Peak. You can go up and down with the tram and at the top of the hill you will be rewarded with an amazing view over Hong Kong.  If you are lucky there is not much smog and you have got clear skies, so you can make some great pics! Unfortunately we weren’t that lucky and had to deal with clouds, rain and smog, but overall had a great impression of Hong Kong’s massive skyline.

Victoria Peak Hong Kong
Victoria Peak Hong Kong
Victoria Peak Hong Kong
Victoria Peak Hong Kong

Another thing to do in Hong Kong is of course, shopping! You will find everything in Hong Kong you need from designer brands to typical local Chinese shops and markets with unique items. And no, not only Helly Kitty items 😉  Make sure you leave some space in your suitcase, or even better, come to Hong Kong with an empty suitcase!

The above things to do in Hong Kong are only a few of many things to do in Hong Kong. This is what I  experienced in only 2 days during my stop over to Australia and on my first day I accidentally slept till it was dark. You might know what I mean if I say ‘lets have a tiny little power nap after our flight’ and you set your phone to wake you up 2 hours later, but you are so enjoying your comfy hotel bed after 12 hours sitting in Economy class that you snooze in and then you wake up at 19.00 when its dark and you didn’t have had lunch or dinner yet. Yep, well that happened in Hong Kong on my first visit.

We have just been back from our latest trip to Hong Kong in July. Stay tuned as we will tell you all about it.

Do you have any great Insider Tips we shouldn’t miss on our next Hong Kong visit? Let us know in the comments

Big Bus Hong Kong

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  • Hey Mike!
    Exactly! I have seen some greenery when doing a little tour around, but apparently there is much more to discover around Hong Kong than only city and grey buildings. In a few weeks time when we travel to Hong Kong again, we are planning to go to Lantau Island and Tai O fishing village, that suppose to be amazing! I bet landscape photography would be amazing there!

  • I’ve only ever been to HK airport back in 2009. But I’d love to get back there and explore. While it is predominately known for it’s cityscapes from what I’ve seen the landscapes are stunning. I’d love to do some landscape photography there.

  • Exactly, the Big Bus is great to explore a bit when you dont have much time, but when we travel to Hong Kong in a few weeks, we re going to use the other forms of Public Transports a bit more, like the ferry and the metro. Have you been to Hong kong?

  • Hi,
    That is exactly what we are going to do in a few weeks 🙂 We are going back to Hong kong, and this time we stay for 6 days, so we have a bit more time to discover some other great parts of Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong looks really big so sometimes it is easier to start things off with a bus tour like the Big Bus. I like the view from Victoria Peak even though it was a cloudy day. That’s cool you are headed back to Hong Kong too so you can have a more in depth visit.

  • Hongkong has long being on our list of places to visit and since you liked a bit chaos, you sure are going to find Asian countries amazing and lively. Do plan a longer trip in future!

  • Hi Erin,
    Yes Hong Kong is very crowed at some places, but there are really surprising places around, where you dont have the feeling you are in a massive city! Keep an eye out, as we are going to show you in a few weeks, when we are going back to Hong Kong

  • I love taking advantage of a stopover and seeing places where it’s worth doing. It seems it’s definitely worth venturing outside the airport in Hong Kong. I didn’t realise you could see so much in such a short space of time. I’d love to visit some day.

  • Hi Swati & Sam.
    Thanks for your comment.
    We are going back to Hong Kong in a few weeks, and will definitely keep Macao in our minds when we have some spare time 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend

  • Hi Gareth! Awesome to hear you are going to Hong Kong next week! Will definitely keep an eye on your experiences as we are going back in 5 weeks 🙂
    Have a good trip!


  • I haven’t been to Hong Kong, but your post sure highlights the best of it. Victoria peak sounds like a great option. Hope for no smog when I get the chance to go visit!

  • A wonderfully informative read and one that really got me excited for my visit to HK next week! Unfortunately it will only be a fleeting trip but I’ll definitely do my best to take advantage of as many of these tips as possible. Really looking forward to the food!

  • Hahah good to hear Amanda! Hope you will get the change to go to Hong Kong very shortly! Keep an eye out on our website, as we will be back in Hong Kong in a few weeks, and staying 6 days this time, so more things to discover 😉

  • Hi Danik! There is so much to do in Hong Kong! Think we would need months to see it al! We are going back in a few weeks and stay for 6 days this time, so a bit more time to explore and discover some new things. Let us know if you have some nice insider tips we should miss during our next visit to Hong Kong

  • I love the idea of taking a boat tour to get photos of the city, and then doing Victoria Peak to get the views from above. That is exactly what I would do if I only had a day or two in the city!

  • Hong Kong is a totally awesome place to visit and so glad you got to stop off here. I spent two weeks here and still havent done everything!

  • I love visiting Hong Kong. Two years ago I was lucky enough to travel there during Chinese New Years. I only ever stayed in Kowloon but it such a great location with heaps to do! If you’d like some more ideas of what to see and what to do in Hong Kong, I’ve written a few posts on it 🙂

  • Hi Julianne,

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment and your tip to visit the Tai O fishing village! We are going back to Hong Kong in a few weeks, and are staying for 6 days, so we definitely want to check that out!

  • Hi Kat,
    Hahah !imagine walking all the way up that hill in that humid weather 😉 We have got another change to capture the Victoria peak ( hopefully without fog ) during our next trip to Hong Kong in a few weeks.

  • I spent three weeks in Hong Kong back in 2010 and really enjoyed it! The view from Victoria Peak is stunning. The shopping is great and I love the markets too… and the food! If you are staying longer in Hong Kong, then Tai O fishing village is also worth a stop. Cheers!

  • I’ve never been to Hong Kong, but the view from Victoria Peak is stunning! You’d have to keep your fingers crossed to dodge the fog I guess. And I’m glad to hear that there’s a tram so that I don’t have to collapse on the way up that hill 🙂

  • I would really love to visit HongKong. My initial plan is to shop, lol. And of course go to the Victoria peak. Thank you for giving recommendations where to stay, so by the time I visit, I know where to look!

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