Cheap excursions from Maafushi that makes you travel in style

Excursions From Maafushi, Maldives
Excursions From Maafushi, Maldives

If you are staying on a budget at Maafushi, but want to experience the Maldives in a luxurious way, you can book a range of excursions at most hotels and guest houses on Maafushi Island, which varies from ( night ) fishing trips, snorkelling and diving, relaxing on a nearby resort, sunset trips, submarine trips, manta ray or whale shark spotting ( depending on season ) or a picnic on a sandbank in the middle of the ocean to name a few.

Travel Solo But Never Alone

So how did we explore the Maldives like royals without paying the big bucks?

Sexy Beach Romance

We went to a sandbank in the middle of the ocean which is called Furafathi ( also known as sexy beach by the locals 🙂 )  and is located right in front of Maafushi only a 15 minute speedboat trip away. With a bit of luck you re the only ones on the sandbank and you can experience complete peace and privacy with only an umbrella, towel, and an esky filled with cool drinks and snacks.

When we arrived mid afternoon ( because we wanted to see the sunset ) there where some people leaving and there was only a newlywed couple who did their wedding shoot, which was amazing.

At the end of the day with the sun setting, we were just with the two of us, till it was almost dark. ( Luckily our skipper didn’t forget about us and picked us up a bit later )

For this excursion we paid around $30 USD,  which was for the speedboat return and the esky with some snacks and drinks ( non alcoholic )


Excursions from Maafushi ' Sexy Beach '
Excursions from Maafushi ‘ Sexy Beach ‘
Excursions from Maafushi ' Sexy Beach '
Excursions from Maafushi ‘ Sexy Beach ‘

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Relaxing at the Luxurious Holiday Inn

The other excursion we did was one of the resort excursions which are located close to Maafushi.

A few resorts we could choose from where;  Fihalhohi, Fun Island, Rihiveli, Holiday Inn Kandooma, Anantara and Biyadu. Some where very secluded, some had more activities than others and the prices between the excursions varied from $36 USD to $160 USD including speedboat transfer and depending on the amount of people and package.

We picked the Holiday Inn Kandooma, which was $135 USD. $35 USD for our return speed boat transfer and $100 USD for the resort island fee, but this was basically your all-inclusive package as the 100 USD was your minimum usable credit towards your final bill at the end of the day.

When we arrived at the Holiday Inn Kandooma we instantly felt like we had landed in paradise. Even the speed boat trip from Maafushi to the Holiday Inn resort was an excursion itself as we crossed a few really nice looking water bungalows, amazing turquoise Laguna’s and tiny tropical islands. At the resort it`s all about turquoise water, pearl white beaches, palm trees, cocktails, a really nice swimming pool, friendly people and beachy vibes. There were a lot of couples and families with children. We spend all day relaxing, soaking up the Maldivian sun, walked around the island, did some snorkelling, had an amazing lunch and sunset drinks. A great way to enjoy the resort style holiday on a budget. Just after sunset we re heading back to Maafushi to spend a nice evening eating and drinking at one of Maafushi`s nice restaurants and bars. Read more about Maafushi here 

Kids Stay & Eat Free!

We only spend 4 nights in Maafushi, but if you have more time you could visit another resort every day and have this resort feeling everyday, but don’t pay for a room you are barely spending time in.

Also spending time in Maafushi is great, you can walk around the island have a drink in one of the seaside restaurants, soak up the sun on the public beach or catch a fish with the locals.
Maafushi is a great base to discover the Maldives and suitable for every travel budget. For more information about Maafushi and what to do and where to stay  Click here

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Have you been to Maafushi? Which excursions did you do? Talk to us in the comments below.

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  • Sounds like it was an amazing trip, the Maldives have been on my list for such a long time but I’m yet to visit. Thanks for sharing this, it’s great to know you can still travel to such an amazing place even on a budget! 🙂

  • Hi Jin! We booked our tours at the Ocean Vista Guesthouse, where we stayed in Maafushi. The accomodation is really nice and the people there are really kind and helpfull, they arranged everything for us for a really good price. Let us know if you want to know more about the Maldives.

  • Thanks for your nice reply 🙂
    That sounds like a great experience you had on the Maldives. And we agree that`s not expensive for all inclusive in the Maldives on your own private boat! Sounds amazing, not only for singles or couples but also for families! Thanks for sharing your experience

  • Nice, fantastic Maldives and excellent article !
    We also tried to go Maldives on a budget last year … With 4 friends we chartered our own private traditional vessel for a cruise . We booked through a local travel agency ( , and we paid 149 $/person per night… It might seem a bit expensive but when you think about it is really cheap as everything was included and we didn’t have to spend for any extras ( except alcoholic drinks and souvenirs). Boat was exclusively chartered for the 4 of us , we had our own private cabin (we are singles and were alone on board). Meals , excursions, equipment, water… all included . It was such a wonderful trip, we saw so much of Maldives, the local island, uninhabited island, sandbank, virgins snorkeling spots, amazing reef and lagoons… It was just like a dream , will definitely go back one day !

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