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There are plenty luxurious Holiday Resorts in Rhodes

I told you guys already when I wrote my article about Kos, Greece (which you can read here) that it is a while ago I visited Greece for a work trip.

We spend a few days in Kos and then traveled by local ferry to Rhodes, the largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands.

Personally, I liked Rhodes more than Kos, as it has more variation and atmosphere. In this article, you can read the 5 things I liked most about visiting Rhodes.

Oh, and for the ones who read the article about Kos already, you can skip the following 😉 But I have to say before you read on and think:


Wow what happened to these photo’s, they look crap!

I must confess: Yes you are right, they look a bit crap compared to our most recent photo’s, but as I said before, it’s a while ago I visited Greece on a work trip and instead of my Nikon D5200 I was still shooting on one of those grey pocket cameras 🙂 A picture says more than 1000 words they say, so I believe, although my Greece photos are not the quality you are used to, you still get an impression of the lovely island of Rhodes.

The Island of Rhodes

Is known for its historical ancient ruins, the beautiful old city of Rhodes, beach resorts, and it’s natural beauty ( especially in and around the butterfly valley )

Rhodes Town

Is basically separated into two districts, which are very different from each other.  The Old Town is surrounded by the old city walls, has the slippery cobblestone streets, and is rich in architectural history, ruins, little alleys where you can stroll around for hours.

It really feels like stepping back into history. Especially at night, when everything comes to life, wandering through the small streets of the old Rhodes City, is a definite must do.

Get yourself lost, shop until you drop in all the little boutiques and tourist, sit outside on a terrace and take in all the cozy little lights and people passing by. On the other end, if you want more fashionable shops, waterfront bars and restaurants, cafe’s and Rhodos City’s best beach, you should head to Rhodos New Town.

Chilling out in Luxury Resorts in Rhodes

Rhodos has many luxury resorts where you can chill out to the max. Massive pools, lots of space, some located straight on the beach, cozy and friendly hospitality. You name it, the Greek will bring it.

As it is quite a while ago I visited all the resorts in Rhodos, I can’t tell you exactly which ones are the must go to nowadays, but I know that our favorite Hotel Provider Agoda has a few amazing hotels in their assortment.

The great thing about Agoda it that you can save points every time you book with them, which you can convert into free nights. Over the years we stayed in many hotels around the world for free, just for booking our hotels via Agoda. Easy, Simple, the best Price and always good. Check it out here! 

Visiting the Butterfly Valley in Rhodes

This was one of my favorite things to do in Rhodes. Located just 15 kilometers from Rhodos City, surrounded by nature, hills, trees and natural streams. From June till September ( Summer Season ) the Butterfly Valley is full of colorful butterflies, and the surroundings are really peaceful and relaxed.

Eating Greek Food

As I told you guys already in my article about KOS, I love Greek food. Feta, Olives, Pita bread, Greek Salads, Gyros, Moussaka, Souvlaki, Tzatziki Sauce, I love it! As breakfast, lunch or dinner. I would eat Greek food at any time of the days. And where on earth would you get the best Greek Food in the world, rather than in Greece!

8. Island hopping through Greece

On this trip, we only went from Kos to Rhodes by ferry, but we definitely have Island hopping through Greece on our bucket list for someday in the future. It is easy, cheap and a great way to see more of the stunning Islands of Greece! → Want to stay at a unique and traditional Greek place rather than a hotel? Check out AirBnb via this link and get FREE travel credit when you book your first trip!! ←

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  • Haha, you are absolutely right. But I must say; your pictures are always great! Couldn’t fault them!
    And yes, the progress is definitely there. Persons and Camera wise 😉

  • Oh, Rhodes does sound like a lovely place indeed! And don’t worry about the photos Jo, they are really nice and I’m glad that you decided to post them. To be fair, I can’t afford a decent camera at the moment so all the pictures on my blog or Instagram has always been taken with a mobile- some are more crappy than others but hey, otherwise I wouldn’t even have a blog! One has to start somewhere, right? 😉 And as for you, it should be a nice reminder of the professional progress you’ve made so let’s say yassss to the crappy photos (even if they are not crappy at all 😉 ) Xx

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