Switched in-between Paris & Amsterdam | Brussels, the capital city of Belgium

Atomium Brussels Belgium
Atomium Brussels Belgium

Brussels is much more than only the political heart of the European Union. And while Brussels can’t compete with Amsterdam, Paris or London, Brussel has its own charm and definitely worth a short visit.

So, what is it, that Brussels is famous for? Or why should you visit Brussels? Well, there are a pretty few delicious and fun things to see, eat and drink in Brussels.


De grote markt

The Grote market ( big market  ) is the central place of the city where you will be surrounded by Brussels rich history, beautiful old buildings, cathedrals, restaurants and terraces. This iconic square attracts thousands of tourists every year and is one of the most important landmarks in Belgium. This UNESCO World Heritage Site holds an interesting history and is today a blend of architectural and artistic features in Belgium’s Capital City.

Manneken Pis

( The peeing man ) Yes, this is literary translated from the Dutch language. And you know why they call him like this, when you actually see him, or find him in the first place.  This tiny little statue is really famous and when we say tiny little, we mean ini mini needle in a haystack tiny. We thought when looking for Manneken Pis, that we would find this massive statue on the middle of a square somewhere in the middle of the city, but after wandering through the small streets of Brussels, our eyes got drawn to a group of Chinese tourists stacked on top of each other making pictures of something. So of course we wanted to figure out what all the commotion was about, and there he was; This little dude with a tiny little wee wee. We had a good laugh, a few pics and went on to the next pub to enjoy a nice Belgium Beer.

Belgium Beer

I guess everyone can name at least one type of Belgian beer. There are so many sorts to try. We as Dutchies, and being Belgium’s Northern Neighbours, always had the opportunity to drink Belgium beer, as the tasty yellow drinks are just as famous in the Netherlands. Lief mans and Hoegaarden with a slice of lemon are my favourite!

The Atomium

A massive architectural statute, located a bit outside the city centre of Brussels, but perfectly accessible by metro. The Atomium is not only from the outside a unique masterpiece, but also inside the Atomium you find some interesting features. There are 9 massive spheres and in the top one you will find a restaurant and a viewing point where you can see all the way to Antwerp according to the Atomium info sheet. There are a 3 spheres which exhibitions related to architecture, design and science are featured. At night the Atomium lights up by thousands of led lightning.

Belgium sweet treats

Belgian people are born with a sweet tooth. Not only in Brussels, but Belgium in general has lots of treats to try! The most famous are definitely the Belgian Chocolates. Just like Belgian beer, Belgian Chocolates like pralines, bon bons and truffles don’t need an introduction. They are yummy!! Personally I don’t like the ones with some sort of liquid alcohol in it, but luckily there are lots of other filings to choose from. You will find Chocolate shops all around Brussels and in many cafes and restaurants you get a little piece with your coffee or tea.

Another treat are the Belgian Waffles. Obviously, different parts of Belgium cultivated their own waffle style, but the most famous is the Brussels waffle. This is the light and crispy rectangular waffle . The other popular one is the Liège waffle. This one is heavier, because they are generally made of thick dough, which is comparable with bread dough, like thick and sticky. Another difference between Brussels waffles and Liège waffles is that the Liège waffles are often round or have uneven edges. Both waffles are best when served hot and sprinkled with powdered sugar, chocolate, syrup and of course covered in a big layer of whipped cream.

Have you been to Brussels? Which waffles do you prefer? Talk to us in the comments below.

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  • Hi!
    Thank you 🙂
    Hope you are able to visit Brussels anytime soon!
    I have put your blog on the list! Had a look at it, and looks great! Need a few more participants to launch the article 🙂
    To be continued…


  • Hi. Great blog. I’m looking forward to getting to Brussels sometime in the near future! Thanks for sharing.

  • Hey Elisa, Exactly! The little Mermaid in Copenhagen is the same! You expect something huge, as it is so popular and then you arrive there and you are like; This is it?! 😉 Funny!!
    Have a great weekend


  • Hehe I’m not Belgian but I was born with a sweet tooth too, so you can guess my favourite part of your post Jo! Can’t wait to try a ‘real’ Belgian waffle one day! 😛 Loving the b&w pics too xx

  • Beautiful pictures of Brussels! I also had the same feeling when I saw that the Maneken Pis was so tiny! I think it is like Mona Lisa or the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, everybody expect iconic sights to be bigger

  • Though I’ve never been to Brussels, your post is tempting me to do so! Thanks for sharing a list of places to visit while in Belgium. It will sure come in handy 🙂 Saving your post for later!

  • Hey Mal! Yes, Brussels definitely has some great architectural masterpieces to check out! And of course Manneken Pis, our little fella! Think a lot of people think exactly the same as us 😉 I am not a beer drinker either, apart from the light / white/ rose beers ( with a lemon! ) and ciders!
    Hope you have a great day! X Jo

  • Oh, I wouldn’t think of going to Brussels but the picture from de grote marks stole my heart- such beautiful pieces of architecture there! I recognise the peeing guy from the pictures but to be honest I expected it to be a huge statue in the middle of the market square and that thing looks just sooo funny! Makes you think: ‘Oh man, REALLY?! Is that it?!’ haha. And of course, chocolate and waffles, how could I forget! I’m not a huge fan of beer but never had it with lemon so it may be more to my taste- thanks for the inspo! Mal Xx

  • Exactly right Sandy! Most people will choose to visit Paris and Amsterdam for example, or take the train from Amsterdam to Paris or the other way around, but Brussels is definitely worth visiting to discover its own Belgian charm.


  • Hi Andi,
    I totally agree with you! We are now living in Australia, but nothing beats the European history and architecture, and Brussels is no exception on this.
    Glad you liked it 🙂

  • Brussels has its own unique flavour. Though it may be overshadowed by the more illustrious Paris and Amsterdam, Brussels has that old world charm that is so typical of most European cities. It has its own share of treasures waiting to be discovered.

  • Brussels has its own unique flavour. Though it may be overshadowed by the more illustrious Paris and Amsterdam, Brussels has that old world charm that is so typical of most European cities. It has its own share of treasures waiting to be discovered.

  • Brussels does have its unique flavour. It has the old world charm which one has come to associate with most if not all European cities. Of course it is overshadowed by Paris and Amsterdam, but it has its own treasures which are really worth seeking out.

  • I’ve heard a lot of great places in Brussels and it sure proved itself with your photos. The rich history it holds and the detailed architecture and the gothic style is really something that amazes me every time I see this! Thanks for sharing this.

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