Life on the Road | DIY Caravan Renovation | Paint & Wallpaper is all you need

DIY Caravan Renovation Wallpaper and Paint
DIY Caravan Renovation Wallpaper and Paint

What a splash of paint and a good wallpaper can do for your DIY Caravan Renovation project is unbelievable. The once so old fashioned brown caravan looks so much better, cleaner and fresher.

We decided to paint everything white from top to bottom, and leave the inside of all the cabinets for what it is. For a bit more contrast we decided to use wallpaper for a few walls to create a playful effect.

DIY Caravan Renovation | Painting

We went to Bunnings to check out all the different white paints they offer. A lot!! We wanted something not to white, but also not too dark and ended up with Antique White USA with a light gloss from Dulux. Because our surface of the caravan was so dark, we needed a good coating, so choose for a Dulux Precision surface preparation.

Filling the holes in the wall

Back at the caravan, we first had to fill the gaps in the walls. As we ripped out the bed and the side cabinets in the bedroom, there were quite a few holes there, so we filled them up with putty.

We gave the walls, doors, and cabinets a good wash to get the grease off, but didn’t sand it. Instead, we put up the high-quality primer from Dulux for the paint to get a good grip on the walls and doors.

Applying Primer and Paint

After applying 2 coats of primer, it was time to paint the whole lot. At this stage, I was out of there as my skin can’t handle most paint. I will get an eczema outbreak straight away. Even after not even touching it and just looking how Lion was going, I got my skin irritated through the air. Okay, maybe I did accidentally touch something…

While Lion was doing a great job on painting the lot, I run some errands, did my daily Bunnings Run for more appliances, washed all the curtains, looked for jobs and all other things to prepare for our life on the road in Australia.

DIY Caravan Renovation | Wallpaper

I also started to look for some inspiration in regards to the interior. We wanted to use wallpaper for some contrast and create a bit of a tropical/beachy vibe in our caravan.

After looking at Pinterest ( heaven for inspiration ) we found a great example of the vibe we wanted to create ↓

As you see in the above picture, the banana leaf wallpaper makes this room look tropical straight away. Thre are lots of whites and some lovely details for the kid’s bedroom.

This is what we wanted to create for Sem’s room. A touch of tropical, a nice bookshelf, animals, and whites to create a calm, but cozy vibe.

The banana leaf wallpaper in the above picture would be great in a large space, but we thought it would be too much in a small space like our caravan. So we decided to look for something a bit lighter and calm.

Bunnings had this tropical plant wallpaper and it would look awesome with the white and the color of the backsplash we had in mind for our kitchen.

We found out it’s retro too, as Lions mum said ‘ We had that wallpaper at home when were young’ Like 40+ years ago 😉 Not sure if that was meant as a compliment haha.

We applied it on a few walls to create this playful effect and it turned out amazing. Especially with the other features and colors that we applied later.

Next week Sunday we will show you what we did with the floor, how Lion created our bed and Semmies own room.

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