Daly Waters Historic Pub

Daly Waters Pub
The Daly Waters Historical Pub

Daly Waters is a tiny little place between Mataranka and Tree Ways in the Northern Territory and is famous for having the NT`s oldest pub and Australia’s first international airport.

In the early days, the historical pub was a supply point for drovers.
Now you might think what on earth is a drover? That’s what we thought as well, and apparently it is a person, typically an experienced stockmen, who moves livestock, usually sheep, cattle, and horses “on the hoof” over long distances. ( according to google ūüėČ )

In 1920 the Daly Waters Historic pub started as a drovers store  and today it still stands as the Daly Waters Pub.

So whats so famous about this Daly Waters Historical Pub?

The most famous thing about the Daly Waters Historical Pub is definitely its interior. We heard and read about it many times and now we were passing it on our way from Mataranka to Tree Ways, we had to pay this legendary attraction a visit.

Well… Interesting and unique it definitely is! Lets say the customers designed this pub with everything you can possible think of.
There is a flip-flop tree, the walls are decorated with drivers licenses, business cards, rego plates, t-shirts and everything that will stick on a wall basically.
There are bra`s hanging on the roof, as well are shorts, strings, caps, shoes, absolutely everything.

Daly Waters is really small and everything happens in and around the Daly Waters Pub. The people are very friendly and you can feel the great atmosphere.
We only stayed there for a nice break and had a cold drink, but we are pretty sure you can have some great nights here.

There is a caravan park next to the pub and also self-contained units, so if you are in the mood for a great night out, book your stay here and enjoy yourself in one of Australia`s most remote and iconic pubs.
Oh and Don’t forget to bring your cap, bra, shorts, flip-flops or anything you can miss and want to decorate the Daly Waters Historical Pub with.

Did you visit the Daly Waters Historical Pub? If yes, where did you decorate the pub with? Let us know in the comments below.

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