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Coffee Works
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Fresh and local produce in the Atherton Tablelands

The Atherton Tablelands not only has one of the most breathtaking scenery, it also provides visitors with a wide range of fresh and local produce.
Coffee, tea, fruits, cheese, milk, avocados, pawpaw, potatoes, pumpkins, watermelons, berries, and much more.
There are lots of Winerys where local growers produce their products into fruit wines, spirits and liquors.
You also find dairy factorys where you can taste and buy lots of different cheeses, yoghurts, home made icecream and milk.
And then there is coffee..


Treat for Coffee and Chocolate Lovers

When you are a coffee lover ( like we are ) Mareeba is the place to be! Over 70% of Australia`s coffee crop is grown in Mareeba. You will find a number of local plantations and coffee roasters in the Mareeba Area. One of them is Skyburry, Australia`s oldest coffee plantation, and then we have Coffee Works, which is the most popular.
We went to Coffee Works and had planned to go to Skyburry afterwards and do a few other things around Mareeba, but we got lost in Time and had our accomodation in Cook Town for the night already booked, so Coffee Works is the only one we visited at the end.
Coffee Works is located in the town of Mareeba and treats you with a coffee and chocolate feast. They call it Disneyland for Coffees, and yes they are absolutely right.

There is the Coffee factory `coffee world` which is a museum with a massive collection of coffee and tea making treasures and this is where you can have a all day tasting of coffee tea liqueur and chocolate.

In the café you can have a delicious lunch with a drink and of course a coffee, we must say we found the coffee cups, which are plain white, a bit boring for such a great coffee place, but the coffee itself was delicious! The coffee beans are sourced from local plantations and plantations world wide.

Chocolate Lovers

If you love chocolate ( who doesn’t ) they have over 50 different flavours, which they created themselves in their own chocolaterie and they make a very wide range of flavours ( some very surprising combinations, but they work very well together! ) I blame Coffee Works for my salted caramel addiction 😉

Shop until you need another Coffee

And then there is the gift shop with a huge range of coffee related gifts but also great homewares and other amazing stuff, seriously this place is packed to the rafters and you can spend lots of time here just taking in all in, make pictures or imagining how you would decorate your home if you could buy all of those beautiful items.

How to get to Coffee Works?

Easy, its only an hour from Cairns and Port Douglas in the Atherton Tablelands and you just follow the main highway to Mareeba. When you are on the Main Street in Mareeba you turn at the Jackaroo Motel and you will find Coffee Works on your right on a corner.

If you don’t have a vehicle or this is still to far out of your way, don’t worry, Coffee Works also have stores in Cairns, Port Douglas and Townsville. And they are also at the Rusty’s weekend markets in Cairns.


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