Lifestyle | My first Floating experience at the Float Studio in Cairns
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Lifestyle | My first Floating experience at the Float Studio in Cairns

Floating has been called the closest thing to drifting in outer space that you can experience on the planet. It is the ultimate treatment to relax, repair and reset.

Here in Australia, Floating is becoming more and more popular and with the Cairns Float Studio just around the corner, I decided to check it out for myself.

Not only because I love to try new things, but also to have a very rare relax moment completely to myself. As a busy working mum, a long shower does already feel like a trip to the Bahama’s, so an hour float must be heaven right? 😉

So, how does floating work?

You probably heard about the Dead Sea in Israel. Well, combine that three times more in a pod in the shape of a Dutch wooden shoe.

The super saturated solution of Magnesium Sulphate ( Epsom Salt ) and water is more than three times as buoyant as the Dead Sea in Israel and is heated to skin temperature.

Once you are inside, the lid of the floating pod is closed ( but it can be opened at any time, as you have full control about this yourself ) and light and sound are eliminated. You can choose to be completely in the dark with your eyes shut, or choose to have the lights on which display different colours like red, blue, purple, yellow or green.

For one hour ( or longer, if you book a double session ) the outside world is gone and your mind is free of distraction and your body becomes more and more weightless.

My first floating experience

I got a warm and friendly welcome at the Float Studio in Cairns. One of the staff members explained everything clearly and guided me to my private Floating room. In this room you will find your private Floating Pod and a rain shower to rinse of the Salt and refresh after your float and for your quick shower before you enter the floating pod.

During your first float, it can take a little while to find the perfect position as you don’t have to fight gravity anymore, but you have to trust on your body to completely float by itself.

It took me a little while to settle in. I accidentally touched my forehead with my über salty hands, so a little drop of water went into my eyes. ( Not cool when the salt is so intensely strong ) There is a spray bottle with fresh water for little accidents like this in the pod along with a tiny towel to wipe your face.

When I went for take two, I realised I forgot to put my ear plugs in! The Float Studio Cairns provides these complimentary with your first float.

So after getting completely ready and finding my way in the pod, I rested my head on the floating pillow and tried to completely relax and clear my head. After about half an hour I felt really calm and weightless. I believe stories of people who are falling asleep in a Floating Pod, and according to the Float Studio Cairns it is completely safe to have a little snooze.

Before I knew my floating time of one hour was up, and when the session was just about to end, music played to ease me out of my relaxation zone and back into reality.

After stepping out of the Floating Pod, a massive rain shower awaits you to rinse of the salt water with complimentary provided Dr Bronner Soap, shampoo and conditioner. A big plus for my sensitive skin is the fact that Dr Bronner Soap is free of harmful additives and on top of that it is also environmentally friendly and ethically sourced.

Towels are also provided by the Float Studio Cairns, so you don’t have to bring anything yourself. In the so-called dressing room, you will find hair dryers, mirrors and a toilet.

After your float session you can relax in the serene Post Float lounge for a cup of complimentary herbal tea and relax as long as you want in one of the cozy chairs. There are magazines and books available for reading and mindfulness adult colouring books.

If you want more relaxation after your float, you can also go for a sauna session.

Benefits of Floating

Floating has proved through scientific studies to have many benefits for your body and soul. Stress relief, pain relief, pregnancy support, meditation and relaxation are one of the many benefits you can experience from floating.

Personally I felt really relaxed and refreshed after my first float, and I think I would be even more when it was my second or third float, because I know now what to expect and to do and what not to do, like getting salt water in my eyes 😉

The Float Studio in Cairns

In Cairns they have the Rolls Royce of the floating pods. The pods are the largest on the market measuring a roomy 2.58m long and 1.65m wide. They are hyper modern, hygienic and clean.

Staff is really friendly, relaxed and the studio feels really laid back and fresh. You can also buy some really nice products in their reception.

They have special prices for first time floaters and you can also choose a float club membership, with or without sauna afterwards.

For more information and direct bookings at the Float Studio Cairns go to 

Have you ever floated? Or would you try it yourself? Talk to us in the comments below #floating #floatingstudio #floatingstudiocairns #health #lifestyle #float #floatingpod


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  • woodyworldpacker

    July 26, 2017

    Hi Kate,
    I thought exactly the same, and even left the lit open for a while, till I felt a 100 % comfortable in the floating pod. And indeed, you can always open de lit and get out.

  • Kate Storm

    July 26, 2017

    Such a cool experience! I’ve thought about trying this several times. I’m a tiny bit concerned that it would be claustrophobic, but only one way to find out, right?

  • woodyworldpacker

    July 25, 2017

    It certainly doesn’t! Will definitely do it again, now I know what I am up to without getting drowned 😉 Hope you are having a great week! X

  • Mal

    July 19, 2017

    Oh wow, what an extraordinary experience! The idea sounds rather new to me, I have heard of these floating sessions before but had no clue how they actually work. Must have been fun, an hour of relaxation never hurts does it! Xx

  • woodyworldpacker

    July 3, 2017

    Hi Andrew!
    Floating really is a relaxed experience and I will definitely want to go for another float sometime soon!
    You should really try it!


  • Andrew

    July 3, 2017

    Never heard of floating before, but it looks like a really relaxed experience! Love all the different colours!
    Ciao Andrew

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