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Fall down the rabbit hole and into the magical surroundings of Hong Kong’s Urban and stylish designed KITCHEN Restaurant. W Hotel’s stylish, funky and welcoming modern bistro and all-day dining venue, inspired by the fantastical, whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland.

W Hotel’s delicious lunch buffet at Kitchen Restaurant is heaven for foodies and design lovers ( a.k.a us ) We are talking about gorgeous views, the unique details of the interior and the professionally set up lunch buffet. Fresh Seafood, Asian dishes, Japanese, Mediterranean, desserts, choices are unlimited.  Oysters, sushi, high quality lobsters, the best quality meats and cheeses and a massive chocolate fountain to just name a few.

W Hotel Hong Kong

W Hotel Hong Kong, is a five-star luxury design hotel by Starwood that offers a total of 393 guest rooms in buzzing West Kowloon, Hong Kong.

As soon as you walk in you notice business men in suit, people nicely dressed up, super friendly staff and amazingly designed features. The reception area is large and stylish and the elevator floor even lit up when we stepped in. How cool is that!?

W Hotel’s Kitchen Restaurant is located on the 6th floor and while we stopped at several floors to get people in and out the elevator, we noticed every floor at the W Hotel Hong Kong has some amazing design features.

Lunch Buffet at W Hotel’s Kitchen Restaurant

As soon as we stepped out of the elevator at Kitchen Restaurant we got welcomed by very friendly staff and our foodie journey began.

The whimsical, unique furnishings of W Hotel Hong Kong make this one not only candy for the eye, but also for the stomach.

A few of the first things we noticed at W Hotel’s Kitchen Restaurant where the massive open kitchen, a huge glass mirrored closet with leaning stacks of dishes inside ( one of the best design features we have ever seen in a Restaurant ) a chocolate fountain and the bright open space with wide views over the harbour.

We got a nice table on the right side of the restaurant in one of the higher and more private and silent areas. It was still quite loud and noisy but cosy, bubbly and vibrant with many people, laughter, conversations and guest walking up and down to the buffet, which was separate from the dining area accessible through a little hall.

The eating guests at W Hotel’s Kitchen Restaurant was very diverse, from groups of stylish woman, families with children, business man and couples.

Kitchen’s Food and Drinks

Everyone can feed their cravings at W Hotel’s Kitchen Restaurant. If you are a fish lover there are oysters, crayfish, shrimps, crab, mussels and lobster.

Also salmon and sushi are available. Hallelujah! Meat lovers can indulge themselves in Prosciutto, Italian Salami, and a range of hot meats. ( Lion and me )

Foodies who want to try everything which is different or something they never tasted before ( me ) can find some interesting dishes.

For the kids there is also lots to choose from. Semites favourite were as always bread, meat, olives, pasta and the orange earl grey mouse for dessert. This last one was of course one he never tasted before, but he absolutely loved it!

Of course an impressive cheese selection is also part of Kitchen’s buffet, and if you have a sweet tooth there is ice-cream in every colour of the rainbow, chocolate cakes, marshmallows and fresh fruit with you can dip into the massive chocolate fountain, trifles, puddings, jellies, and more.

If you happen to be in Hong Kong on a Sunday, you can also join W Hotel’s famous Sunday brunch at Kitchen which includes free flow champagne. Not a bad Idea for a lazy Sunday right?

After that you can continue to the Wet Deck Bar on the 76th floor for a drink at the pool bar if you wish. Afraid of such heights? Don’t worry, W Hotel’s Woobar is also a pretty good alternative.

Overall experience of lunch at Kitchen

Overall we had a great experience at W Hotel Hong Kong’s Kitchen Restaurant. There was so much choice for all of us, the ambiance was amazing and the staff was really professional, kind and helpful. We had a nice chat with the Restaurant Operational Manager and he gave Sem 2 little cars to play with when he finished his lunch, so we could enjoy an extra plate of all the delicious treats.

What do you need to know before you visit Kitchen Restaurant at W Hotel Hong Kong

You can have lunch at W Hotel Hong Kong Kitchen’s restaurant from Monday to Friday from 12.00 – 14.30

Lunch Buffet Prices in Hong Kong Dollar:

HKD$ 318 per adult

HKD $159 per child age 4 -11 years old ( younger children are free )

*All Prices are subject to 10% service charge

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Hopefully we didn’t make you to hungry with this article!? What’s your favourite food? Talk to us in the comments below!

Photography and content © by www.woodyworldpacker.com | We got invited by W Hotel Hong Kong for a complimentary lunch at KITCHEN, however all our opinions are as always honest and based on our own experience.
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  • Haha! As a dessert lover, you would be in heaven at the W hotel Hong Kong 🙂 The chocolate fountain was one of the first things that caught my eye when we walked into the restaurant 😉 And the stunning decorations! It was absolutely amazing! X Jo

  • Hahah yes the chocolate fountain is definitely an eye catcher!!
    And yes, you are right about the fact that kids in combination of fancy hotels not always match on certain levels. W Hotels is really good with kids. Staff was very friendly and interactive with Sem and there was enough choice for him as well!

  • W hotels definitely never disappoint! And how lucky are you to have one around the corner of your house! 🙂 ( Maybe less fortunate for my bank account if I had that 😉 )


  • They certainly are!
    And yes yes yes, they also had many delicious treats for vegetarians as well! ( And I am not only referring to the dessert buffet and the chocolate fountain 😉
    Hahaha reading this article when hungry is not the best idea hey? 😉

    X Jo

  • Wow, what an incredible looking restaurant! I have to say I have never dined somewhere so elegant and interesting looking.. I can imagine this would have been an amazing experience to have. Thank you for sharing!

  • WOW! This really is quite the experience! I really like the stacked plates display and the elevator. You took some really great photos too! I’m such a foodie…I am drooling over here 🙂

  • Wowwww this all looked incredible!! What an amazing experience and it’s so awesome that there is stuff for kiddos, too. Sometimes that’s hard to find at places that look as fancy as this one (: and that chocolate fountain!!! Omg. I am putting this on my bucket list!

  • This hotel is gorgeous!! I feel like the W is great pretty much anywhere you go. I have one just around the corner from my house that I love to go to for brunch! Great post!

  • This looks like an amazing treat, lucky you! Those Asian hotels are always a step ahead of the game, aren’t they! And the presentation is amazing! Even as a vegetarian I’m sure I’d find myself a few opportunities to indulge! Fortunately I’ve had quite a big dinner tonight, otherwise someone would be in trouble! 😉

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