A day in Yeppoon

Keppel Kraken Water Park Yeppoon

There were two reasons we wanted to visit Yeppoon. To check out Keppel Kraken, a water play park on Yeppoon’s Foreshore and to drive along the Capricorn scenic coast loop that goes from Rockhampton, via Yeppoon back to Rockhampton.

After visiting the Rockhampton Free Zoo and the Botanic Gardens we drove to Yeppoon. We parked the car and caravan at the Yeppoon visitors center, where they have large parking places for boat trailers, campers, and caravans.

We had lunch at the park, looked at the fishermen and Sem had a good nap so he was all fresh and fruity and full of energy to enjoy the Keppel Kraken water park, which is only a 5-10 minute walk from the Yeppoon visitors center. We had a stop at the great playground just before the boulevard starts.

Walking along Yeppoon’s Boulevard

Yeppoon has a lovely boulevard along the ocean which you can easily walk in around 15 minutes from start to finish. There are some lovely arty features along the way and places to sit and take in the beautiful views.

Keppel Kraken water play park Yeppoon

The Keppel Kraken water park is located right in the heart of Yeppoon and has stunning views over the Keppel Bay.

Lovely designed and set up, against the spectacular backdrop of Keppel Bay, Keppel Kraken is the perfect place for kids to enjoy themselves on the beautiful Capricorn Coast.

Featuring many interactive elements including water cannons, jets, concrete blocks with changing colors, soft touch splash pools, beautiful sea creatures made of mosaic and a unique umbrella bucket – the only one of its kind in Queensland – the Keppel Kraken water park in Yeppoon is guaranteed fun for the whole family.

There are great designed timber decks with custom-made picnic tables to enjoy a lovely picnic or barbecue with family or friends.

Capricorn Coast Scenic Coast Loop Tourist Drive

After a few hours of fun at the Keppel Kraken Water Park, we decided to drive the Scenic Coast Loop, which goes from Rockhampton to Yeppoon via bush landscape and hills.

From Yeppoon, you drive through Rosslyn Bay, which is the departure point for the ferries to Great Keppel Island.

Then you drive through some tiny laid-back beachfront towns with stunning beaches and ocean views over the Capricorn Coast.

Eventually, you will arrive at Emu Park, which is a bigger seaside village where you can find the Singing Ship Monument, shops, parks and lovely beaches.

Kinka Beach

Was apart from Emu Park, one of our favorite’s seaside towns on the Capricorn Coast Scenic Coast Loop Drive.

Kinka Beach is situated on the banks of Kinka Creek, about 6kms north of Emu Park and seventeen kilometers south of Yeppoon. Kinka beach is 3km long and consists of a narrow and, in places, eroding high tide beach with variable low tide sand flats and ridges.

The beach is backed by the main road, and on the other side, you find a large parking area with picnic tables, barbeques, an amenities block with toilets and showers and stunning views over the lake.

If you decide to stay a bit longer, there is a caravan park across the road and another one a bit further along the way. There are also motels and other accommodations in Kinka Beach.

We spend a bit of time there before we drove off to explore the rest of the Capricorn Coast Scenic Coast Loop before spending the night again at the BP Roadhouse 26 Kilometre South of Rockhampton.

Later we thought, that we could have ( and also would have ) stayed a bit longer around the area of Kinka Beach or Emu Park, as we quite liked it… But curious as we are, we also wanted to check out the next destination… Agnes Water and the Town of 1770, where we unexpectedly ended up for 8 nights! More about that in our next article.

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A day in Yeppoon

There were two reasons we wanted to visit Yeppoon. To check out...
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