4 Things to do in Tunisia outside your All Inclusive Resort

Tunisia Camels
Tunisia Camels 'whazzup?!'

Tunisia is a North African country with borders to the Mediterranean Sea and Sahara Desert between Algeria and Libya .

Tunisia has different sides and was on the news a few time because of the horrific terror attacks a while ago. Luckily Tourist started to come again and although Tunisia is a nice country to travel as a backpacker, most people will choose to stay in an All Inclusive resorts and go on short ( day ) trips to explore a bit so that they actually can say they ve been to Tunisia and got to know the destination a bit better instead of hopping on and off a plane, on and off a transfer bus and on and off their sun beds.

      1. Camels

Tunisia ( and of course Africa in general ) is full of Camels. Camels to look at, to take photo`s of, or to ride on. PLEASE DON`T!  A lot of people did ride on a camel, an elephant or other animal used as a tourist attraction, but most people have no clue whats involved of tourist to be able to ride on an animal. And it`s simply NOT good. Those animals mostly got hurt, smacked with a stick, and have to deal with people wanting to ride on them just for fun, while those poor animals have to suffer. I must confess that I did ride on a camel and an elephant years ago when I was younger and having no clue of what was really involved, but since I got older and travelled more and more and got more into this kind of tourist attractions, I refuse to sit on any animal which is not made for this kind of attractions.

      2. Visit a traditional Tunisian Village

A great way of getting an idea of how local people live, is to visit a local town and see how its original people live their lives and doing their normal routines. We visited a small local town ( forgive me of forgetting the name of the town, but there are several little places you can go ) where we could really see how the locals make their small amounts of money and in this case baking bread the really old-fashioned way.

       3. Explore your local town and/or market

One of the things i don’t like about All Inclusive resorts, is that most people stick with their resort on their sun beds, in the pool or the cocktailbar and never put a foot outside of the door to explore a little bit of the country their in.

Why not spending at least 1 morning, after breakfast when its cool and nice outside, walking around the local town your resort is located. Often when you re walking around, you will discover great places, meet the locals, stroll around a local market and find yourself a bargain and stumble across some crazy things like turtles in a crate ( yes this was on the local market in Monastir, the place in Tunisia where we stayed, and believe me when you visit some markets in Asia, and especially China, you will come across much more crazier things, but this is for another story )


     4. Enjoy your All Inclusive facilities.

So when you went out in the morning to meet the locals and explore a bit around (so you can actually say you have been in Tunisia, or any other country where you’re All Inclusive resort is located in )  there is still tonnes of time to enjoy your All Inclusive facilities, like that massive pool, the sea, the buffet food, the activities of the ever over enthusiastic animation team, or just sit back and relax with a good book and a drink in your hand. IF of course you like the whole concept of All Inclusive Resorts 🙂

Have you been to Tunisia? Did you stay in an All Inclusive Resort? What did you think? Leave your reply below.

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